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Cleaning Oils & Solvents

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Hoppes No. 9 Solvent
$3.99 - $24.99

Universally used solvent for removing primer, powder, lead, and metal fouling - for preventing rust. Quick, super-efficient, safe, and easy use. Flows freely and penetrates rapidly. [more]

Birchwood Casey Tru-oil®

Its unique blend of linseed and natural oils dry fast and will not cloud, yellow or crack. Kit includes: 3 oz. Tru-Oil®, 3 oz. Gun Stock Filler, 3 oz. Stock Sheen & Conditioner, burlap application cloth, fine, medium and coarse papers, 00 steel wool pads, service and polish cloths. [more]

Birchwood Casey 33304 Gun Scrubber

Gun Scrubber Firearm Cleaner Combo Pack 10 Ounce Aerosol [more]

Birchwood Casey 33302 Gun Scrubber

Gun Scrubber & Synthetic Gun Oil 10 Ounce Aerosol Value Pack [more]

Birchwood Casey Super Bright Pen Kit

It's the middle of the night and the sound of breaking glass shatters the stillness. Are you prepared for what comes next? If you put the proper amount of time on the lane practicing you will be. With Birchwood Casey Targets you have a vast selection of appropriate targets to get you the realistic… [more]

Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner
$12.49 - $18.49

Foam away fouling with simple steps - just spray, wait and remove. That's it. You're done. There's no scrubbing necessary. You'll see the cleaning action right before your eyes as Foaming Bore Cleaner turns blue from dissolving copper deposits. This amazing product ensures complete coverage of the… [more]

Hoppes 908 No. 9 Foaming Bore

Hoppes 908 No. 9 Foaming Bore Cleaner 12oz [more]

Remington Rem Pad
$9.29 - $17.49

Ideal for use on table tops or bench to help with gun cleaning. Soft acrylic surface material won't scratch guns or table underneath. Helps keep small parts or screws from rolling away. Absorbent material traps and holds up to eight times its weight in fluids. Non-slip, vinyl bottom forms a barrier… [more]

Break-Free ® Clp®
$5.39 - $16.99

Cleaner, lubricant and preservative. Removes 98% of all firing residue with a neutral pH formula (neither acid nor caustic) that will not adversely affect any metal. Won't damage wood parts or normal metal finishes, blueing, paint, etc. Liquid and aerosol. [more]

Birchwood Casey Universal Gun Grease

A thin film of RIG® Universal? Gun Grease will help keep your firearms rust-free. One thorough application of RIG Universal Gun Grease inside and out will protect your rifle, handgun, shotgun or muzzleloader against rust and corrosion. RIG Universal Gun Grease is a superior firearm lubricant and… [more]

Hoppes Boresnake?

Contains a special T3 additive which contains a special T3 additive which contains liquid molybdenum and liquid PTFE, which has the highest coefficient of friction. [more]

Break-Free Bore Cleaning Foam

Non-Toxic Copper Remover. Bore Cleaning Foam is an easy-to-use and effective firearm cleaner. Non-toxic and odorless, Bore Cleaning Foam chemically removes copper and brass compounds from the barrel in 15 minutes, and leaves a protective film behind to impede the accumulation of residue. [more]

G96 1053 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil 4oz

Synthetic CLP Gun Oil 4oz [more]

Hoppes GM2 No. 9 Gun Medic Cleaner

Hoppes GM2 No. 9 Gun Medic Cleaner + Lube 10oz [more]

Birchwood Casey Save-it?

12 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotguns. The original Peterson SAVE-IT Shell Catcher is back. An all steel shotgun shell catcher that prevents empty hulls from being ejected through the receiver opening on semi-automatic shotguns and holds the empties for easy removal. One model works with all 12 gauge… [more]

Gunslick Gun-flush

Gun-Flush gives your firearm a swift, thorough cleaning. A high-pressure cleaning solution easily removes grease, oil and dirt with no assembly required. Also leaves a layer of rust inhibitor to protect against moisture. [more]

Outers Gun Blue

Cold chemical bluer. Penetrates metal for a deep blue-black finish. 0887-1237: Includes 2 fl. oz. Gun Blue & Metal Cleaner, a steel wool pad, an applicator sponge and a polishing cloth. [more]

Sweets Cleaner 7.62 Copper Solvent

Sweet's 7.62 Solvent for quick removal of Copper bullet jacket material from rifle barrels - Fastest Copper Solvent available. Used by Competition Rifle Shooters the World over, made in Australia. Capacity 200ml. [more]

Birchwood Casey 33329 Gun Scrubber

Gun Scrubber 1.25 and Synthetic Gun Oil 1.25 Oz Aero Combo Pack [more]

Hoppes Lubricating Oil Wipes

Lubricating gun oil wipes perfect for field applications. Drives out moisture and reduces rust. Wipes lubricate leaving thin layer of oil. Each wipe is 6" x 7". [more]

Gunslick Ultra-lube
$7.39 - $13.99

Ultra-Lube's advanced formula is the ultimate in lubrication technology. It bonds to metal surfaces for superior lubricity, and offers layers of powerful protection against corrosion. [more]

Montana X-Treme Bore Solvent

A unique formula designed specifically for removing all forms of fouling in today's high velocity firearms. Copper and powder fouling are removed completely and very quickly with Montana X-treme?. Although this product contains ammonia, it has been formulated to have no adverse affects on barrel… [more]

Hoppes Lubricating Oil
$3.59 - $13.49

High viscosity oil refined to perfection for use in firearms, fishing reels and other precision mechanisms. Does not harden, gum or become rancid. Gives extra-long service. [more]

Hoppes GM1 No. 9 Gun Medic Aerosol

Hoppes GM1 No. 9 Gun Medic Aerosol Cleaner 10oz [more]

Remington 18923 Rem Oil Pro3

Pro3 Premium Lubricant & Protectant 10 oz Aerosol [more]

Remington Shotgun Cleaner

Leaves no residue - produces a clean dry surface. Dissolves powder residue, fouled lubricants, and gunk. Blasts away gummy, caked on grime from hard to reach areas such as ejectors, firing pin assemblies, trigger components, gas ports bolt recesses. Contains non CFC's or Carcinogens. [more]

Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Synthetic Safe Cleaner
$9.99 - $11.99

Cleans fast and will not harm plastic, wood, laminates, composites, rubber grips or any other material used in the construction of today's firearms. Even camo finishes are completely safe when you choose GUN SCRUBBER Synthetic Safe Cleaner. [more]

Birchwood Casey Plum Brown?

Produces a rich, authentic, old style brown finish for original or replica firearms. Ideal for restoring antique guns, muzzle loaders and other metal antiques. 3 ounce bottle. [more]

Hoppes Bench Rest-9 Copper Solvent

Powerful, safe and fast. Contains no abrasives. Essentially a copper buster, but it's also great for removing powder, lead and plastic foulings from all shotguns, pistols and revolvers. [more]

Hoppes HBCC No. 9 4 oz Black Copper

Hoppes HBCC No. 9 4 oz Black Copper Cleaner, Bottle [more]

74 Results
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