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Biologic Trophy Oats - 45 Pound Bag
A DEER ATTRACTANT SO POWERFUL IT SHOULD REQUIRE A SPECIAL PERMIT. In all of our experience we’ve never witnessed a more potent deer attractant than our oats. Not to mention an easier to plant and easier to grow crop. Our Trophy Oats are blended with an early maturing oat for early season attractiveness and a cold tolerant oat variety for late season performance. It’s a blend that is proving itself as an incomparable performer from Minnesota to south Mississippi. There’s no better way to ensure a steady stream of whitetails walking across your property than to include Trophy Oats in your fall planting scheme. This product is not available for shipment to Canada. The following seeds are available for shipment to Canada: Clover Plus, Premium Perennial, Maximum, Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets, Perfect Plot, and Brassica Plot Performance Additive. Details: Supported Species Whitetail Deer Northern Zone Late Summer Transitional Zone Late Summer, Fall Southern Zone Fall Coverage 90 lbs. per acre. Planting Depth 1 to 2 inches Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0 Fertilizer 350 to 400 lbs of 10-10-10 per acre. Protein 10% to 20% protein depending on the stage of growth the plant is in. However the proteins are highly digestible up to 60%. Nutrition 10% to 20% protein depending on the stage of growth the plant is in. However the proteins are highly digestible up to 60%. Primary Usage Expect usage to start shortly after germination. Soil Type Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available. How to Plant Trophy Oats can be broadcast or drilled into a well—prepared seedbed at a rate of 90 lbs. per acre due to heavy browse pressure. It's best to cover the seed 1-2 inches and plant just before an expected rain. Oats are a larger seed and need a bit more soil coverage than traditional BioLogic blends. When to Plant Plant during the last of august in the northern states. Plant during the September in the middle latitude states and September/October in the southern states. Many people have success planting oats in the spring for deer in northern climates. Our best experiences with this product are in the fall.
Bear Archery Outbreak Bow Package - Left
The Outbreak is the most versatile bow Bear has ever designed. It’s a 70-pound, compact, short axle-to-axle bow, perfect for ground blind hunting. It’s also a smooth drawing, 40-pound bow that’s perfect for younger hunters. It’s a 25-inch draw-length killer that’s perfect for her. And, its Dual Cam System can be adjusted without the use of modules or a bow press. Wherever this bow falls within its 55 pounds of weight adjustment, it’s a true Bear through and through. BEAR Outbreak SPECIFICATIONS •SPEED (IBO) 308 FPS •WEIGHT 3.5 LBS •BRACE HEIGHT 7.25" •AXLE TO AXLE 29.25" •PEAK DRAW WEIGHT 15 LBS to 70 LBS •DRAW LENGTH RANGE 16" to 30" •LET-OFF 80% •STRINGS/CABLES CONTRA-BAND •CABLE SLIDE SLIDE Package Includes: - Trophy Ridge Quiver - 3 Pin Fiber Optic Sight - Whisker Biscuit Rest - Stabilizer and Wrist Sling
Mossberg 4 X 4? Bolt-action Centerfire Rifle
$549.99 - $589.99
Every bit attractive as it is rugged, the 4x4 is offered in three distinct stock configurations, including an eye-catching, space-age polymer, a distinctive gray laminate, or a handsome, select American black walnut model; each featuring Monte Carlo style cheek pieces, slim-line grips, forend barrel vents, and soft, recoil absorbing buttpads. The new 4x4's are available in six of the most popular standard long-action and magnum hunting calibers to cover the gamut of North American big game, from the all-around .25-06 Rem. to the punishing .338 Win. Mag.
Nikon Varmint/ Coyote Special
The new Coyote Special features several technology upgrades that will satisfy even the most demanding predator hunters. A bright new optical system, remarkable hand-turn reticle adjustments with Spring-Loaded Zero-Reset turrets, and a convenient quick-focus eyepiece make adjustments while in a shooting position a breeze. The Coyote Special 3-9x40 with BDC Predator reticle is an ideal fit for both bolt action and AR rifle platforms and can be used with Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology to take the guesswork out of compensating for bullet drop. With enough power for the longest-range shots and a wide field of view to keep you on predators coming into the call, you can count on the Coyote Special 3-9x40 in any situation. In addition all Coyote Special riflescopes are built with fully multicoated optics for maximum light transmission, even in extreme low light environments.
Nikon M-308 Riflescopes
The new M-308 4-16x42 represents Nikon's Precision AR Optic technology for heavier caliber rifles capable of long-range accuracy. Designed for extreme sighting speed and superior long-range accuracy with the popular 308 Win AR platform rifles, the new M-308 4-16x42 features a choice of either the new BDC 800 reticle, or Nikoplex reticle and precise Rapid Action Turrets, each calibrated for the trajectory of the .308 Win/7.62 NATO Match round with 168gr. HPBT bullet. The high magnification range zoom makes it the ideal optic for AR10 platforms as well as for long range bolt action rifle applications. Includes M-308 one-piece mount, with built-in 20 MOA slope.
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