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Winchester USA Centerfire Rifle
$7.99 - $469.99
Winchester USA brand ammunition provides great performance at a value price.
PPU Centerfire Rifle
Produced with the highest quality raw materials and components available. Extensive loadings are available for military, sporting and target shooting, all of which perfectly match the user's requirements to results. 20 rounds per box unless noted.
Wolf Bulk Rifle
$304.50 - $449.99
All ammo feature Berdan primer except 2980-0003, 2980-0021, 2980-0022 & 2980-0025, features Boxer primer.
Federal American Eagle Lake City AR
$42.99 - $279.96
This round is made to military specifications. It is great for target practice and varmit hunting. Please note that this is a military round that runs at higher pressures than its .223 counter part and is not recommended to be fired in a .223 Remington chamber.
Winchester Super-X Subsonic Rimfire
Specifically designed for reliable expansion on game at subsonic velocities. Subsonic velocities offer lower noise in both suppressed and non-suppressed firearms. 50 rounds per box.
Weatherby Centerfire Rifle
$46.99 - $179.99
Features an exclusive ring that ensures the core and jacket remain locked during expansion. High ballistic coefficent for greater stability. 20 rounds per box.
Fiocchi 22 LR Field Box
Fiocchi's 22 LR Field Box contains 1575 rounds of high velocity 40 grain copper plated round nose ammo.
Remington UMC Rifle
$9.79 - $159.99
For varmint hunting, target shooting, training exercises or any other high-volume shooting situation, UMC centerfire rifle ammunition offers great value with absolutely no compromise in quality or performance. Loaded right here in the USA, UMC rifle ammunition offers the choice of either metal-case or jacketed hollow point bullets in several popular rifle calibers.
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$6.19 - $141.80
Remington Ultimate Defense Buckshot ammunition is made specifically for home defense to deliver dense devastating patterns at shorter ranges. They are loaded with either the standard 9 pellets or 8 pellets for a reduced more manageable recoil. These rounds are engineered for short range, tight, effective patterns in smooth bore defensive shotguns. When the stakes are high and you need one-shot-confidence, Remington's Ultimate Defense Buckshot ammunition is the clear choice. 5 rounds per box in 12 & 20 gauge and 15 rounds per box in 410 Bore.
No Image
$124.99 - $134.99
Winchester Super-X Game
$67.90 - $134.90
Consistent, Dependable Performance. Exceptional Quality and Outstanding Performance. Time Proven Dependability. Long-range knock-down. One-Piece Hinged Wad: For consistent, tight patterns and reduced felt-recoil. Famous 209 Primer and Clean Burning Powder Reliable ignition and consistent velocity. 25 rounds per box.
No Image
Blazer Brass brings shooters the reliability and quality of ammunition built to SAAMI standards, and is backed by stringent ISO certified quality systems. Blazer Brass is loaded in reloadable brass cases for added value. Standard Boxer-type primers and primer pockets mean you can reload Blazer Brass cases just like any other case. Blazer Brass is loaded with a protected-base FMJ bullet. CCI primers insure reliable ignition, and we load clean-burning propellants.
Winchester AA Shotshell
$98.90 - $119.90
Winchester is continuing a shotshell manufacturing pedigree of quality and innovation that extends back to 1886. From the 19th through the 20th, and now into the 21st century, Winchester has led the industry in ground-breaking developments in shotshell loads and components. These shotshells are designed to give you outstanding clay-busting performance in sporting clays, trap and skeet - all at a highly competitive, value price. AA Super Sporting Clay Target Loads are designed for competition or recreational sport clay shooting.
Remington UMC Handgun
$14.49 - $109.99
The Union Metallic Cartridge Company name has been synonymous with some of the finest ammunition made in the United States. Since its beginning in 1867, UMC has blazed a trail of innovation in cartridge-making excellence that continues to this day.
CCI Blazer Plastic Can
$94.99 - $104.99
Blazer uses a non reloadable case made from high strength, aircraft gauge aluminum alloy. Clean burning propellants deliver optimum velocity while ensuring consistent chamber pressures. Cases are coated for smooth functioning and corrosion resistance. Non corrosive primers for highly sensitive and reliable performance. Includes plastic ammo can.
Estate Super Sport Competition Target Loads
$6.79 - $104.90
Trust Super Sport Competition Target Loads to become your first choice for competitive target shooting. Features tight patterns for high accuracy at long range and extra-hard ammo is ideal for breaking targets.
Federal Gold Medal Plastic Shotshell
Competitive shooters worldwide prize Federal Gold Medal Shotshells for their power, consistency, and uniform patterns. Whether you're gunning for first place or just bragging rights at the range, these target loads show how seriously you take your sport. 25 rounds per box.
Nosler Trophy Grade Rifle
$54.99 - $99.99
Manufactured to Nosler's strict quality standards, Trophy Grade ammunition uses Nosler brass and Nosler bullets to attain optimum performance, no matter where your hunting trip takes you. Whether you want your ammunition loaded with AccuBond, Partition Ballistic Tip or , E-Tip. Nosler Trophy Grade Ammunition will have the right load for the right game. 20 rounds per box.
Winchester USA Centerfire Handgun
$13.99 - $99.99
Provides great performance at a value price.
Remington Premier STS Target Loads
$13.49 - $98.90
Remington's Target Loads have taken shot-to-shot consistency to a new performance level, setting the standard at all major skeet, trap, and sporting clays shoots across the country, while providing handloaders with unmatched reloading ease and hull longevity. Available in most gauges, our shells are the most reliable, consistent and most reloadable shells you can shoot. Designed specifically for back-fence trap and long-range sporting clays. Delivers consistent handicap velocity and pattern uniformity. New, improved powder loading significantly reduces felt recoil while retaining high velocity - both factors allow avid trap shooters to stay fresh for the shootoff. They score just as high on fast-moving doves. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case.
Remington Sportsman Hi-Speed Steel Loads
$12.99 - $96.90
All the dependability and performance you'd expect from Remington ammunition without breaking the bank. Sportsman Hi-Speed Steel's sealed primer, high quality steel shot, and consistent muzzle velocities combine to provide reliability in adverse weather, while delivering exceptional pattern density and retained energy. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case.
CCI Blazer Value Packs
$84.99 - $94.99
Blazer uses a non reloadable case made from high strength, aircraft gauge aluminum alloy. Clean burning propellants deliver optimum velocity while ensuring consistent chamber pressures. Cases are coated for smooth functioning and corrosion resistance. Non corrosive primers for highly sensitive and reliable performance.
Nosler Trophy Grade Ballistic Tip Varmint
$54.99 - $94.99
Features Noslers unsurpassed quality standards in accuracy and consistency.
Remington Lead Game Loads
$70.90 - $94.90
Budget-stretching shotshells for a wide variety of hunting. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case.
Estate Upland Hunting Loads
$6.99 - $90.90
These upland hunting cartridges are engineered using quality components from around the world. Expect game stopping performance! Features clean-burning smokeless powder, special perforated plastic wad, and extra-hard shot for game-stopping punch. 25 rounds per box.
Federal Gold Medal Grand Plastic Shotshell
$10.99 - $90.90
For decades, Gold Medal shotshells have set the standard-and world records-for competitive trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters. Now we have improved upon the industry-leading design with Gold Medal Grand. The loads produce less recoil, and more reliable ignition, improved shot hardness and excellent reloadability-all with the same world-class performance shooters expect from Federal Premium Ammunition. 25 rounds per box.
Inceptor Ammunition Inceptor RNP Sport Utility Pack
$59.99 - $89.99
PolyCase's RNP is their original Inceptor product, the standard upon which the ARX line is built. The RNPs integrate advance material engineering into a traditional round nose point design. They are non-expanding, injection molded projectiles formed by a copper-polymer composite built for high speeds and low recoil. Bulk Pack
Remington High Performance Rifle
$21.99 - $89.99
Proof of Remingtons dedication to providing you with the widest selection of centerfire ammunition in the industry, the High Performance Rifle series consist of a multitude of calibers and popular bullet styles to match specialized hunting and shooting pursuits. All assembled with premium components and the ultra-tight tolerances that put more home reloading presses on the back shelf than any other brand. 20 rounds per box excpet where noted.
Fiocchi Game & Target
$88.90 - $89.90
This is a great all-purpose load for a wide range of target and light field applications at a great price. Available in a wide range of gauges and shot sizes. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case.
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