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Remington Sportsman Hi-Speed Steel Loads
$11.49 - $93.90

All the dependability and performance you'd expect from Remington ammunition without breaking the bank. Sportsman Hi-Speed Steel's sealed primer, high quality steel shot, and consistent muzzle velocities combine to provide reliability in adverse weather, while delivering exceptional pattern density… [more]

Hevi-Shot rlink
$54.99 - $59.99
Hevi-Shot HEVI-Metal
$31.99 - $39.99

HEVI-Metal waterfowl load using just-released Pattern Density Technology. These shotshells put 20% more lethal pellets on-target at 40 yards than any steel ammunition. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case. [more]

Remington Hypersonic Steel
$24.99 - $39.99

The 1,700-fps HyperSonic Steel from Remington Introducing the world's fastest, hardest-hitting steel. With unprecedented velocity and the highest downrange pattern energies ever achieved, Remington HyperSonic Steel takes lethality to new heights and lengths. To a level of terminal performance where… [more]

Hevi-Shot Hevi-13
$25.99 - $38.99
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

With World Record performance this load offers 40 percent more knock down power than lead and 40% more effective range than lead. How does it get better than this? HEVI-Shot HEVI-13 loads are Fuffered and Moly Coated for a denser pattern increasing your accuracy, distance, and more pellets on… [more]

Hevi-Shot Magnum Blend

Take Toms at any range with Magnum Blend. Designed with an equal mix of size #5, #6 and #7 shot; or the newest addition to the Magnum Blend line, an equal mix of size #4, #5 and #7; launched at higher speeds than our HEVI-13® loads, these shells boost pellet count and energy to create a cone of… [more]

Winchester Super-X
$21.99 - $36.99

Magnum shotcup, Drylok Super Steel Wad, Water resistant, Plated Steel Shot, and Lacquered primer [more]

Federal Black Cloud FS Steel
$20.99 - $34.99

Equipped with the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad, Black Cloud delivers improved pattern density and consistency through both ported and standard waterfowl chokes. The wad's redesigned rear-deploying petals and side-mounted vents stimulate the payload for separation from the wad at the ideal moment for… [more]

Hevi-Shot HEVI-Metal Pheasant

75% More Knockdown Power Than Traditional Steel Shotshells. NonToxic - Approved for all NonToxic State and Federal Zones. Adds 10 Effective Yards to your Pattern. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case. [more]

Winchester Blind Side Shotshell
$23.99 - $33.99

Pellets are not round but hexahedronal, that is, rounded, but with six flat sides, like dice. The advantage to the shape is two-fold: the pellets pack more compactly into a hull, allowing higher payloads (1-3/8 ounces in a 3" hull, 1-5/8" in a 3.5"), and the shape increases shocktrauma on tissue… [more]

Federal Speed-Shok Steel Waterfowl
$11.99 - $31.99

Speed kills ducks and geese. Now it kills even cleaner with redesigned Speed-Shok. Its Catalyst primer and faster burning powders dramatically reduce residue, while its optimized velocities knock birds out of the sky. 25 rounds per box. [more]

Federal Black Cloud FS Steel Close Range

Black Cloud Close Range waterfowl ammunition uses a 100 percent FLITESTOPPER payload to achieve a full pattern within a very short distance, making it ideal for decoying or hunting flooded timber. Equipped with the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad, it delivers improved pattern density and consistency through… [more]

Kent Fasteel Precision Waterfowl
$16.49 - $26.99

Steel non-toxic shotshells. Proven choice for duck and goose hunters. 25 rounds per box. [more]

Federal Black Cloud FS Steel High Velocity

Black Cloud High Velocity options offer more energy and shorten lead times, while providing the same colossal knockdown power of standard Black Cloud loads. Equipped with the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad, it delivers improved pattern density and consistency through both ported and standard waterfowl… [more]

Remington Nitro-Steel High Velocity
$21.99 - $25.99

The steel serious waterfowlers depend on has been driven to new heights of performance. Remington NITRO-STEEL. Now with additional hard-hitting, higher velocity offerings. Premier, zinc-plated, 100% round pellets fly straight, delivering true close to long-range pattern performance. 25 rounds per… [more]

Hevi-Shot HEVI-Steel
$16.99 - $22.99

The first all-steel shotshell from HEVI-Shot, HEVI-Steel brings you more speed for increased knockdown power, with straight kills and fewer crippled birds. If our founders had steel shotshells this good, we might not be here. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case. [more]

Winchester Super-X Shotshell Blanks
$6.99 - $21.99

For all your training needs, choose Winchester blanks. [more]

Winchester Xpert Hi-Velocity Steel
$9.69 - $21.99

Consistent, Dependable Performance. Exceptional Quality and Outstanding Performance. Time Proven Dependability. Long-range knock-down. One-Piece Hinged Wad: For consistent, tight patterns and reduced felt-recoil. Famous 209 Primer and Clean Burning Powder Reliable ignition and consistent velocity.… [more]

Kent Silversteel Non-toxic Shotshells

Since its introduction in 2011, Kent's SilverSteel has proven its performance and knock-down power. Kent started with one of the best steel shotshells on the market today - Fasteel - and made it better. The same consistent delivery and speed and now better penetration with SilverSteel plated shot… [more]

Fiocchi Speed Steel Shotshells
$12.99 - $18.99

Waterfowl hunters can now choose from the widest selection of steel shot ammunition ever offered. Fiocchi Steel shot hunting loads are manufactured with a combination of treated steel shot, protective wads and the appropriate powders to deliver a consistent dense pattern that is easy on your gun… [more]

Estate High Velocity Magnum Steel Loads

Suitable for hunting big game birds. The Estate High Velocity Hunting shells are designed to offer outstanding accuracy and a powerful punch in a variety of applications. These shells feature quality components, clean burning powder and specially designed wads that provide dense, uniform patterns.… [more]

Kent Fasteel Precision Upland

Steel non-toxic shotshells. Proven choice for upland hunters. 25 rounds per box. [more]

24 Results
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