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Ammo-Shotshells Turkey

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$30.99 - $59.99
Go beyond the limits of long range with HEAVYWEIGHT TSS. The loads blend the 18 grams/cc density of Tungsten Super Shot pellets with the new FLITECONTROL FLEX wad to provide the most deadly patterns possible at extreme range. 410 load does not feature FLITECONTROL FLEX wads. 5 rounds per box.
Winchester Long Beard XR
$21.99 - $30.99
SHOT-LOK? TECHNOLOGY. Protects Shot During In-Bore Acceleration. Shot launches from barrel near perfectly round for extremely tight long-range patterns. Twice the number of pellets in a 10" circle out to 60 yards. 10% greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 50 yards. Devastating terminal on-target performances. 10 rounds per box
Winchester Double X High Velocity Turkey
$14.49 - $24.99
Copper plated hard shot, Grex buffering, Custom blended powders, Consistent, High-Velocity payload. 10 rounds per box.
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$15.49 - $22.99
Extend the range and enhance the lethality of conventional turkey payloads with all-new Federal Premium Grand Slam. Its FLITECONTROL FLEX wad system works in both standard and ported turkey chokes. 10 rounds per box.
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3rd Degree has redefined turkey shotshell performance once again with the addition of the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad and HEAVYWEIGHT TSS shot. The system performs through standard and ported turkey chokes. 5 rounds per box.
Remington Premier Magnum Copper Plated Turkey Load
$7.79 - $21.99
Remington Premier® Magnum Turkey Loads provide that extra edge to reach out with penetrating power and dense, concentrated patterns. Its magnum-grade, Copper-Lokt® shot is protected by our Power Piston® wad and cushioned with special polymer buffering. Available with some of the heaviest payloads of 4s, 5s, and 6s on the market.
Hornady Heavy Magnum Turkey
Loaded with 1½ ounces of either #4, #5 or #6 nickel plated lead shot. These 3" 12 gauge shotshell loads deliver true "gobbler" knockdown power. The thickest nickel-plating in the industry, shot deformation is minimized, thus reducing fliers and keeping more pellets on target for dense patterns. Featuring the Hornady Versatite wad, these loads don't require shotgun modification, or specialized turkey chokes. 10 rounds per box.
Remington Nitro Turkey Load
$7.29 - $14.49
Nitro Mag extra-hard lead shot. Patterns over 80% with Super Full choke. Patterns like copper-plated shot. 10 rounds per box.
Federal Strut-Shok Turkey
$9.79 - $13.49
Federal Strut-Shok is designed for the hunter who needs a hard-hitting load that's lighter on the pocketbook. Its extra-hard lead shot creates dense, high-energy patterns. 10 rounds per box.
Winchester Super-X Magnum Turkey
$11.49 - $11.99
Consistent, Dependable Performance. Exceptional Quality and Outstanding Performance. Time Proven Dependability. Long-range knock-down. One-Piece Hinged Wad: For consistent, tight patterns and reduced felt-recoil. Famous 209 Primer and Clean Burning Powder Reliable ignition and consistent velocity.
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