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Arrow shafts

Carbon Express Maxima? Red
$89.99 - $611.64
A breakthrough in controlling Dynamic Spine. Hi tec carbon design has stiffer ends to contain the arrow's flex to what we call the RED ZONE, the section of the arrow shaft engineered to contain Dynamic Spine, provides a new level of hunting performance. By reducing the arrow flex in the front of the shaft, the Maxima RED makes broadheads shoot tighter groups and provides overall improved hunting performance. The best tuning arrow ever.
Carbon Express Maxima? Hunter®
$64.99 - $557.64
The Maxima Hunter® maintains its heritage and adds the benefits of Dual Spine Weight Forward? technology. It is the most proven and reliable premium grade 100% carbon arrow in the Carbon Express® line. The precision design Maxima Hunter® series is faster and offers tighter tolerances than traditional carbon arrows. The Maxima Hunter® is the fastest camouflage arrow in the Carbon Express® line! Constructed using patented Dual Spine Weight Forward? technology.
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