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Carbon Express Adrenaline Arrows
$41.99 - $248.04
Engineered for speed and accuracy with outstanding strength and durability. Advanced layered carbon design allows for greater consistency. Ultra-buffed finish gives a silent draw on your rest for added stealth in the field. Fletched with high performance 2" NRG vanes. Includes LAUNCHPAD precision nocks, and inserts.
Carbon Express Flu-Flu Arrows
Flu-Flu is the #1 choice for bird and small game hunters. Its carbon composite shaft offers excellent performance, strength and durability for a variety of shooting situations. Offered with six 4.5" full feathers.
Carbon Express Predator
$208.44 - $226.44
The P-Line Predator is a deep diving, jointed bait with an action that makes it irresistible to many species of game fish, most notably striped bass. Trolled at 3-mph with 100 feet of line, the Predator will dive 12 to 13 feet. These lures are catching fish from coast to coast, in both salt and fresh water, under any conditions. The Predator features 3 counter balanced weights in the body of the lure which ensure great action and balance. The main body also has 6 hollow stainless steel BB's which create an irresistible rattling noise, attracting fish in the murkiest of water.
Carbon Express Thunder Express Youth Arrows
$9.49 - $215.28
For use with bows up to 35 lbs. Black Fiberglass construction. Milled point design for correct front-of-center balance. Replaceable nocks/points. 3" vanes.
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The Mayhem® DS Hunter re-defines and elevates hunting arrow performance in the mid-tier price class. The Mayhem DS Hunter is engineered with our proprietary Dual Spine Weight Forward® technology to deliver more speed, accuracy and penetration. It features our patented BuffTuff® arrow construction for extreme durability and quiet draw.
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The Piledriver® DS Hunter is engineered for the hunter who wants ULTIMATE penetration. The PileDriver DS Hunter is the heaviest arrow in the Carbon Express line to create maximum kinetic energy and greater knock-down power. The Dual Spine Weight Forward technology delivers more speed, accuracy, and penetration vs a single spine shaft. It features our arrow construction with patented Mossy Oak Break-Up BuffTuff for extreme durability and quiet draw.
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