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Broadheads & points

G5 Deadmeat Replacement Blades
$19.99 - $49.95
Built to take the guesswork out of mechanical broadheads, G5's Deadmeat 3-Blade Broadheads' SnapLock? blade retention system holds the mechanical blades secure at all bow speeds. Razor-sharp mechanical blades extend to 1-1/2" for wide cuts and deep penetration. Includes one ballistically matched practice head for use on all target types. Per 3.
G5 Havoc
This expandable, two-bladed broadhead provides you with the power of the Dual Trap? blade retention system. It's surgically precise construction and wide slice give you the ultimate advantage i the field, with a 2" cutting diameter, no game is off limits.
G5 Havoc Broadheads
Surgically designed and scientifically engineered for one create Havoc for big game! The all-new two-blade mechanical Havoc is G5®'s first mechanical head to have Swiss Steel Lutz blades. This combination makes one of the sharpest blades ever on a broadhead. The blades lock in using our new Posi-Lock blade retention system: a no o-ring, no rubber band, no-hassle system. The 2+" cutting diameter Havoc also has a balanced blade deployment system that allows both blades to always deploy simultaneously, ensuring bigger and more consistent entrance holes. The new blade cartridge system allows users to change blades quickly and easily. The Havoc is available for both compound bows and crossbows in 100 and 125 grains and comes with a practice broadhead and G5 window decal.
G5 Havoc XP 2-Blade
Two blade expandable broad head. All steel construction. Cut on contact design. Dual Trap blade retention system with stainless steel Lutz blades
G5 Montec?
With the same MIM technology, and its 100% spin tested design, G5 Outdoors introduces the Montec CS?. This 100-grain broadhead is constructed using CARBON STEEL. The sharpness of the Montec CS? is incredibly 25% sharper than it's original stainless steel design and is easily re-sharpened after repeated use.
G5 Striker?
The STRIKER?, is accurate and durable as any G5 fixed-blade broadhead, yet it has the convenience of easy to replace blades. With the incorporation of our exclusive ANIX? Blade Locking System, this head prevails where other similar fixed-blade broadheads fail.
G5 Striker?
100% steel tough, Anix? blade locking system. Cut-on contact design. 100% spin tested. 1-½" cutting dia. Sharp.030" stainless steel Lutz? blades.
G5 The Montec?
No-nonsense broadhead, designed for the avid dedicated archer who demands the best. The solid one-piece stainless steel construction is the foundation that gives this head abilities that no one thought possible in a single design even with repeated use. Satisfying the needs for accuracy, durability, and penetration.
G5 The Pre-Season Montec?
The rounded edges of the Pre-Season reduce wear on targets and make it safe for use in practice. The dark gray color of the lubricious wear resistant coating easily distinguishes it from the hunting version of the Montec?.
G5 S.G.H. Small Game Head Broadheads
Featuring a 1" cutting diameter, this three-bladed broadhead can be sharpened with a 1/4" round file in a similar method as resharpening a chain saw blade. Made from a single piece of stainless steel this head is durable enough to take repeated shots even from the most powerful new bows.
G5 Deadmeat Practice Heads
Designed to mimic the actual broadhead flight of the Deadmeat. Approved for all target types. Includes broadhead wrench.
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