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Crossbow Bolts & Arrows

Carbon Express Mayhem Crossbolt
$26.99 - $284.04
Ultimate versatility. Engineered with advanced carbon materials to provide superior spine consistency and deliver the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy and penetration. Innovative multi layer construction has an optimal size diameter and is tuned for today's high powered crossbows to deliver exceptional down range accuracy and penetration with a broadhead. Precision sorted for straightness, creating maximum consistency shot after shot. 6 packs also include 6 universal flat nocks.
Carbon Express Piledriver Crossbolt
$40.99 - $237.24
Designed for the hunter who wants ultimate penetration. Heaviest carbon Crossbolt in CX lineup creates maximum kinetic energy and great knock down power. Advanced construction ensures spin consistency for greater accuracy and the composite material is extremely durable at impact for exceptional reliability and repeat performance. 6 packs also include 6 universal flat nocks.
Carbon Express Carbon Arrows
Carbon arrow with Carbon Express 360 degree spine consistency for more accuracy. Precut at 30" with inserts installed. Spine: .335", Weight: 10.3 GPI. Factory fletched with 2" vanes.
Carbon Express Maxima Red SD Shafts
Carbon Express just took its popular Maxima Red shaft and amped it up. This arrow has all the same features of the Maxima Red, but in a smaller diameter shaft, which offers superior penetration.
Carbon Express Crossbow Release Bolt
Made from 100% woven wrap layered glass. Built to withstand ground impact. Comes equipped with and ultra dense steel front end tip that keeps the arrow from burrowing into the ground. Includes moon and flat nocks so it will discharge on all models of crossbows.
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