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Wax, Guards & Slides

LimbSaver Sims Cable Slide?
Reduces cable wear with the least amount of friction. It produces an Ultra-Quiet shot and virtually eliminates the chatter from a wet cable guard. Made of the finest grade of pure virgin TeflonĀ®. Weight: 9.6 grams. Size: .50" x .75" x 1.00".
Bohning Xccellerator Wax
Anti-friction/wear reduction wax. An all natural based string wax and conditioner that greatly reduces string friction and abrasion typically found with cable sides, wheels and rollers. Lubricates and rejuvenates your bowstring. Resists penetration by water to the critical string fibers. Scent free. Pocket sized.
Bohning Tex-Tite Wax
Natural based wax. Lubricates and lengthens string life. Tex-Tite will remain tacky under all weather.
Allen Bow String Wax
Synthetic bow strings. Lengthens string life.
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