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Youth bows & kits

Easton Youth Recurve Kit
Features High quality 8000 Fabric hip quiver, holds up to 12 arrows. Integrated belt clip for easy on and off. Three XX75 Size 1816 high strength 28" arrows, 7075 Aerospace grade alloy. Comfort flex finger tab. Durable polymer arm guard. Fits right or left handed archers.
Bear Archery Brave Compound Bow Set
8 year old and older is the suggested age range. 26in. Axle-to-Axle. 13.5-19in. Draw Length. Peak weight from 15 up to 25 lbs. Durable Composite Limbs and Riser. 5.5in. Brace Height. 65% Let Off.Includes: (2) Safetyglass? Arrows. Armguard. 2-Piece Arrow Quiver. Finger Tab. Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest®. 1-Pin Sight. Temporary Tattoo. Right Hand Only Right hand.
SA Sports Youth Bison Recurve Compound Bow Package
Recurve Compound bow set has the features and great style that kids are after. With a look that is modeled right after Dad's bow, the Bison delivers the kind of performance that will have your son or daughter in top form and putting arrows in the bullseye in no time. The Bison comes standard as a complete package and Features/Includes: Recurve compound bow, full size integrated quiver, sight bracket, adjustable brass sight pin, replaceable arrow Rest, Finger Tab, Arm Guard, 20lb. draw weight, adjustable draw length, target arrows (2,) lightweight molded Limbs, lightweight molded riser. Dipped camo finish.
Crosman Sentinel Youth Long Bow
45" tip to tip. 20 lb. draw weight. 25" max draw. 8" brace height. Ring hand grip. Custom string. Package includes two composite youth arrows, two piece quiver, arm guard, finger tab, pin sight and arrow rest.
Barnett Quicksilver Recurve
Bring new archers into the fold with the Quicksilver? recurve bow. A light 15-pound draw weight and ambidextrous riser make this a great introductory bow for ages 5 through 8. Additional features and accessories include a soft-touch reinforced grip, finger rollers, adjustable sight pin and two arrows.
Bear Archery 1St Shot Youth Bow Set
36" Overall bow length 14-16". Draw length 8-12lb. Draw weight durable composite limbs for right or left hand. Set Includes: 2 Safetyglass? arrows, armguard, arrow quiver,finger tab & target.
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