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Black powder accessories

Thompson Center Speed Breech?
The Speed Breech is a quick release breech plug that can be removed by rotating it only 90°. No longer do you have to struggle with seized breech plugs or the time-consuming chore of making eleven rotations to remove your breech plug. The innovative wrench design holds onto the Speed Breech to easily remove the plug once it is unlocked.
CVA Muzzleloading Accessory Outfit
$54.99 - $79.99
Provides all of the accessories the shooter needs to load, shoot and clean any blackpowder rifle - except for powder and caps. An action-packed instructional hunting video is included free. Compatible with any brand of muzzleloading rifle.
Traditions Starter Gun
A real value in a light-duty 6mm caliber blank gun. The styling and heft makes this starter gun handle like a conventional cartridge revolver. Made up of a solid barrel with a red plug to identify that it is a safe barrel. Loads 7 crimped 6mm acorn blank cartridges. Double and single action.
Thompson Center Hunter's Choice Muzzleloading Accessory Kit
Kit includes: (1) Lightweight composite T-handle Short Starter/Ram Rod Extension; (10) .50 cal Shock Wave Sabots with 250 grain Shock Wave bullets; (1) Flex Loader for easy field carry or prepared loads; (1) 4 oz. bottle of No. 13 Bore Cleaner; (50) 2 1/2" cotton Cleaning Patches; (25) 2 1/2" All-Natural Seasoning Patches; (1) .23 oz. tube of Super Lube; (1) Universal (Shock Wave) loading tip/jag; (1) Breech Brush; (1) DVD "World of Muzzleloading."
Traditions Flintlocks Shooters Kit
Includes: Deluxe brass powder flask, brass pan primer, brass adjustable powder measure with swivel top funnel, universal cleaning pick and wooden ball starter.
Thompson Center Universal Power Rod?
Universal Power Rod for all styles of muzzleloaders with barrels up to 31" in length. Simply cut it to fit your gun and install the threaded tip. The tip accepts 10-32 thread loading and cleaning tools. Pivoting handle gives maximum grip and then folds neatly out of the way while stored.
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$30.99 - $49.99
The CVA? Northwest Conversion Kit converts your 209 CVA Muzzleloader to a Northwest Legal Musket Cap Ignition. The NW set includes a firing pin retainer-bushing, o-ring for the firing pin retainer-bushing, firing pin spring, NW firing pin, and NW QRBP breech plug. Fabricated specifically for CVA? Optima, Wolf and Accura Series Muzzleloaders, the CVA? Northwest Conversion Kit also works well on other models 2010 or newer.
Thompson Center The
For Encore 209x50 or 209x45. Allows the extractor to be tipped out of the way for easy removal of the breech plug for cleaning. Eliminates having to remove extractor prior to removing breech plug.
Traditions Field Cleaning Kit
Tradition's field cleaning kit with belt pouch includes all of the accessories necessary for quick field cleaning in a handy belt pouch for easy carrying. The belt pouch features dual full sized compartments for storing cleaning or loading gear and the front compartment features a pocket to securely hold your phone or GPS. Along with the belt pouch this kit comes with the following: Gun cloth, EZClean 2 breech plug grease, Dry patches, Bronze brush, cleaning jag, EZClean 2 cleaning solvent, carabiner to easily attach to a back pack or belt loop.
CVA Replacement Breech Plug
Blackhorn QR Breech Plug is specifically designed for use with BLACKHORN and other loose powder muzzleloading propellants. By offering QR plugs that are optimal for whichever type of propellant the shooter chooses to use, either pelletized or loose. AC1611 BH will Not work on the CVA Apex.
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Replace your old muzzleloading ramrod with the Thompson/Center Load and Clean Power Rod. This universal tool can function as a ramrod or a cleaning rod while still being able to be stored under your rifle's barrel. The compact T-handle folds down and fits into the muzzleloader forend allowing you to keep the jag/bullet seater connected at all times. This power rod can also be cut-to-length to fit any barrel length and features a 5.5 inch telescoping section that allows you to clean through the breech plug.
Thompson Center Rugged Range Rod
A 32" range rod made from solid aluminum stock, and hard coat anodized. Features a tough polymer palm saver knob for a firm grip when driving down balls, bullets or sabots.
Durasight Z2 Alloy Dead-On One Piece Base
The DEAD-ON one-piece system is the fastest way to mount optics on your CVA rifle and will give you years of rock-solid performance. A one-piece system also means there are fewer parts than can come loose to affect your accuracy. Plus, the molded Z2 Alloy ensures better ring alignment to grip your scope tighter but with less stress on the scope tube.
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The all-in-one muzzleloader tool is finally here with the Thompson/Center MuzzCharger Black Powder Speed Loader. This compact speed loader allows you to consolidate your reloading materials, without compromising your loads. When you are ready to load your firearm, utilize the muzzle clamp to secure the loader, the single-stroke loading action to seat the powder charge and bullet into the barrel, and the built-in primer holder to access a safe and dry primer. This device can also act as a palm saver and features an integrated stainless steel decapping tool.
CVA Lifetime Range Rod
This heavy duty long rod makes loading and cleaning easy.
Powerbelt Bullets?
$18.99 - $39.99
The plastic PowerBelt? base provides a perfect gas seal for consistent pressures. Like conicals, PowerBelt? Bullets are easy to load and do not require barrel cleaning after each shot. The copper coated, hollow point bullet design provides unsurpassed accuracy and devastating expansion. Combined with Pyrodex? Pellets, PowerBelt? Bullets provide the optimal load for all CVA In-Line Rifles.
Thompson Center Butt Flex Loader
A butt stock version of T/Cs Flex Loader, allowing the hunter the opportunity to carry three complete charges (pellets and sabot) strapped to his muzzleloader for instant access. Made of Bio-Flex® a special silicone material that will stay pliable in the most frigid condition. Houses four 209 primers; instantly accessible. Laces on butt stock securely. Bio-Flex material grabs and almost sticks to surface of butt stock. Made of Bio-Flex®, a special medical-grade silicone material which will withstand frigid conditions and still be pliable.
Thompson Center In-Line Cleaning System
All-Natural biodegradable cleaning solvent and lubricant, 2 oz. of Natural Lube 1000 Plus? Bore Butter, 4 oz. of Number 13 Bore Cleaner/Powder Solvent, flush tube with #11 nipple insert, bronze bore brush, bore swab, Super Jag, cotton patches, cleaning/utility brush, silicone gun cloth, & Gorilla Grease anti-seize lubricant.
Thompson Center T-17? Cleaning Kit
For thoroughly cleaning and conditioning your muzzleloading firearm and keeping it in top shape. Includes: 2 oz. bottle T-17 Bore Cleaning Solvent, 3/4 oz. T-17 Natural lube, ½ oz. T-17 Breech Plug Anti-Seize Grease, (20) 2½" dry cotton cleaning patches,.50 caliber extended cleaning jag,.50 caliber bronze bore brush and Breech Thread Cleaning Brush.
Barnes Expander MZ
$24.99 - $35.99
This muzzleloader version of the X-Bullet is 100 percent copper with a large, hollow cavity for quick, sure expansion. Barnes' Expander MZ? Muzzleloader Bullets produce more consistent shot-to-shot velocities and better accuracy than competing bullets deliver. The result? Greater shooter confidence and more one-shot kills. Expander MZ bullets deliver deadly performance at both high and low velocities. Expand to twice their original diameter, creating six razor-sharp copper petals that slice through game. No fragmentation-these tough, deep-driving bullets typically retain 100 percent of their original weight.
Thompson Center Maxi-Ball® Prelube
The wide lubricating grooves allow generous amounts of lube. Pre-lubed Maxi-Balls® are lubed with Natural Lube 1000+ Bore Butter?, eliminating the need to wipe the bore or clean between repeated shots.
Thompson Center Shock Wave Sabots
$18.49 - $33.99
A spire point bullet with polymer tip specifically designed as a muzzleloading sabot bullet, not a conventional pistol bullet converted to a muzzleloading projectile. T/C's Shock Wave incorporates modern technology previously only applied to centerfire rifle bullets. The Shock Wave is as advanced as today's muzzleloaders and their propellants.The polymer tip of the Shock Wave bullet does double duty; it increases the Ballistic Coefficient for sustained high velocity down range, and it punches into the pocket to open up the nose cone for fast expansion.
Traditions Ultimate Loading/Cleaning Rod
Traditions? Ultimate Loading/Cleaning Rod is perfect to take to the range, use at home while cleaning, or to keep your pack while in the field! This rod is extremely sturdy and durable. It breaks down into 4 separate pieces for easy storage and transport. It features a removable T-Handle which can be used in 2 different positions to make loading/cleaning easier and more comfortable. The end has 10/32 threads for use with other accessories like cleaning brushes, etc.
CVA Palm Saver Replacement Ramrods
Various lengths available for CVA, T/C and Tradiitons rifles..
No Image
Federal? Muzzleloader Bullets are the most innovative muzzleloading projectile in decades that are redefining the accuracy and performance of modern, in-line muzzleloaders. The exclusive B.O.R. Lock MZ? System provides outstanding accuracy in a non-sabot bullet design with sealing mechanism integral with the bullets, that is easy to load and approved for hunting in most areas. Fouling-cutting ring scours powder residue from the breech as the bullet is loaded, resulting in consistent bullet seating and reducing the need to clean between shots.
Hornady Monoflex
$30.99 - $31.99
Innovative MonoFlex® bullet. Flex Tip® technology for enhanced terminal performance. Reliable expansion - even at low velocities. Accurate monolithic construction. High weight retention (95%). Maximum penetration
CVA Powder Horn
Fitted with carved wooden cap and stopper. Leather sling.
Thompson Center Mag Express Sabots
$24.99 - $29.99
Use with .44 caliber jacketed pistol bullets, or lead bullets of .429"-.430" diameter; the .54 caliber Mag Express Sabots for .45 caliber jacketed or lead pistol bullets of .451"-.452" diameter. Mag Express Sabots load easily and are designed to separate from the projectile quickly. Available preassembled with XTP? bullets.
Durasight Fiber Optic Sight
The ultimate in visibility and durability. These sights are guaranteed for life.
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