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Percussion caps

Walther 2319357 RWS Musket Cap
RWS Musket Cap #1081 4 Flange, 200 Caps per Tin, 5Tins per Sleeve 1000 count per sleeve
CCI Percussion Caps
$10.49 - $74.90
Assembled in traditional ribbed soft copper caps. Charged with a modern, non-mercuric, non-corrosive mix that will ignite hard to fire Pyrodex® and blackpowder. Foiled and lacquer sealed for moisture protection. Packed 100 caps in a tin, 10 tins to a case. Master pack 10 (tins).
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This uniquely-sized brass case uses a Remington 9-1/2 magnum rifle primer for ignition. The gas seal is created in the flash hole at the primer. The rifle primer is very hot and cleans the flash hole each time it is fired. Normal barrel cleaning methods will clean the face of the plug and the barrel at the breech. The case is push fed into the breech plug in the same manner a rifle cartridge is pushed into a Model 700 rifle chamber, and it is extracted and ejected the same as any Model 700 rifle. The primed brass is packaged in 24 count bags. The cases can be re-primed, but should not be used in any other load or application.
Remington Kleanbore®
From 2 to 15 times more shots between cleanings. Dramatically reduced chamber build-up for easier bullet seating. Specifically designed for black powder substitutes. Accuracy and velocity equal to standard shotshell primers.
Winchester Muzzleloading Primer
Winchester understand the demands of shooters and hunters wanting to develop the "perfect load". You can rest - and reload - assured that every Winchester ammunition components - is made to meet and exceed the most demanding requirements and performance standards in the world.
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The same quality primers that Federal uses in their premium, high-quality ammunition. Made to exacting standards for dependable ignition.
Winchester Percussion Cap
Perfect for your modern reproduction of classic blackpowder rifles, Winchester's #11 Mag Black-Powder Percussion Caps produce a hot flame for consistent powder ignition. Noncorrosive priming compound ensures solid ignition. Magnum primer produces a hotter spark. Per 1,000.
Remington Percussion Caps
Reliable in all weather conditions, these caps have been improved to generate up to 40% more flame volume. Both No. 10 and 11 sizes feed reliably through standard cappers. Packed 50 each.
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