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Flashlights, Bulbs & access

Dorcy 750 Lumen Spotlight
This spotlight features 3 super bright, high flux Cree LEDs which provide 1000 lumens of light and a beam distance of over 325 meters. An incredible 3 hours of run time is accomplished using Dorcy's new battery saver technology. Other features include rugged construction, non-slip rubber grip, convenient trigger locking switch, and the ability to charge via both AC and DC connections. A perfectly proportioned design allows the light to stand on its own for hands free use. Comes complete with AC and DC adapters for easy recharging, at home or on the go. (41-1080)
Dorcy LED Rechargeable Flashlight
Dorcy's new Power Bank LED Flashlight is the ultimate in rechargeable lights. In addition to its powerful 800 lumen beam of light, it also has the ability to charge USB devices. The TIR Optic is designed for maximum light output and the Type III hard anodized aluminum protects the light in the harshest environments. With its 3 light settings, flashing mode, SOS mode, and waterproof design, this light has the versatility to be used in any situation. The USB rechargeable lithium ion battery provides hours of flashlight use and the power to charge your devices.
Dorcy Rechargeable PRO Series Tactical Flashlight
Made from premium anodized aluminum, this light is incredibly tough and outfitted with the very latest LED technology. This amazing flashlight produces performance levels which surpass the competition in the tactical flashlight market. Extremely compact and using 6V lithium technology, this flashlight also features a triple switch mode option to allow the user a range of light output options. Other features include an IPX7 waterproof rating, the ability to withstand a 2 meter drop test, and 840 lumens of output. Also includes two 3V lithium batteries and a metal carry clip. (41-2702)
Dorcy 1850 Lumen LED Pro Series Flashlight
The Pro Series Z-Drive 1850 Lumens Flashlight -Dorcy patented Z-Drive provides more light with more hours of run time than any other comparable flashlight. The Z-Drive makes use of a sophisticated Pulse Width Modulation driver circuit which is totally new. With Z-Drive your light will stay brighter longer with fewer battery changes than ever before. With slide focus function for one hand operation that produces a tight focused beam shot, or a massive area light spot beam. The light runs on 4C batteries (not included) and has 3 modes of light High/ Medium/Low. With a IPX6 rating and a push button and momentary switch this light will provide years of use.
Dorcy Glowsticks
The Life LED Glow Stick & Flashlight is an everyday flashlight that has a bonus glow stick in one product! This flashlight is battery operated & chemical free. This LED Glow Stick & Flashlight comes with a detachable lanyard and an emergency whistle for added safety. The light has 4 light modes: LED Flashlight, Glow Stick, Flashlight/Glow Stick & Emergency Flasher. The Flashlight & Glow stick mode is so you can "See and Be Seen" in the dark. This product is thin and light which makes it easy to store in a drawer, glove box purse or tool box. This product comes in multiple colors and will be a favorite everyday flashlight for you and your kids. Life Gear makes everyday products with added features to help keep your family safe.
Dorcy Wide Beam LED Flashlight
Dorcy's new Wide Beam 4 AAA Polycarbonate Flashlight is the second product in our incredibly successful Wide Beam family. This light features three lighting modes which when combined provide more than 220 degrees of illumination. The first mode gives you a powerful center beam with 225 lumens of power. The second mode is a wide broad beam array which provides 250 lumens of power and lights the areas on either side of you. In the third mode, both the center beam and the wide beam are on, resulting in over 220 degrees of illumination and 350 lumens of output. Run times are 5.5 hours in center beam mode, 6 hours in broad beam array mode, and 3 hours of continuous run time in the all on mode. The Wide Beam's evenly distributed edge to edge light pattern illuminates one's entire periphery without blinding the user. This provides for increased situational awareness, safety, and security. The polycarbonate design is also rugged and IPX4 weatherproof. Requires 4 AAA batteries to operate.
Dorcy MG Series 800 Lumen Flashlight
The Dorcy 41-4301 True Spot LED Flashlight is ideal for use around the house and features super bright LEDs and a True Spot Reflector for high visibility. This flashlight has a 500-lumen output with a 236-foot beam range for a rated runtime of 4.5-hours on new batteries. The 41-4301 meets ANSI FL1 standard for flashlights and is rated for 1-meter impact resistance and is resistant to all types of weather. This flashlight is made of aluminum alloy with an attractive black finish. The 41-4301 comes complete with (3) C batteries and has a push button rubber side switch. The Dorcy 41-4301 True Spot LED Flashlight comes with a 1-year limited warranty to protect against defects in material or workmanship. Dorcy International offers an expansive range of lighting products and continues to evolve with new market demands, ranging from LED technology and fashion to leadership in new product development. Dorcy's complete packaging and distribution center is located right here in the USA in Columbus, Ohio. Dorcy International has been making flashlights for over 55-years and is proud to be business partners with many of the world's largest retailers.
Dorcy 250 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight
200 Lumen - 3AAA LED Cree Tactical Flashlight w/ Batteries. .3 Hour run time. Made of aluminum alloy. Additional Features: LED Forever Bulb Available Color(s): Black Switch: Handle Push On/Off switch
Dorcy Carabiner Whistle Light
Carabiner Whistle Light, 8 Lumens, Spring Clip Carabiner, Water & Impact Resistant.
Dorcy Red Search Light
It features durable aircraft grade aluminum construction and a bright 300 lumen Cree LED beam. There are four light modes: high, low, red safety signal, and rescue beacon. The back of the light contains an emergency rescue beacon that can be seen from 2.5 miles away. There's also an emergency whistle built into the body of the light that can be used in case of emergency. The Search Light 300 is impact and water resistant to IPX4 standards. Run times are 1.25 hours on high and 6 hours on low. An attached carabiner clip allows for easy carrying and attachment to backpacks or belts. Three 3AAA batteries are included.
Dorcy Ultra HD Series Flashlight
$20.99 - $29.99
Dorcy Ultra Series of aluminum lights. With True Spot Technology that provides 100%+ increase in beam distance and made of thick gauge aircraft grade aluminum. With the rubber booted tail cap on/off switch and premium matte finish make these lights the ultimate tool.
Dorcy 200 Lumen Camping Lantern
The 65 Lumen - 3D LED Lantern features a sleek design. This lantern contains a super bright LED bulb, providing 65 Lumens of light. The LED Lantern has a durable side mounted push button switch for ease of use, and features a built-in hang hook within the handle for hands-free use. The LED Lantern requires 3 D cell batteries to operate (not included). The 65 Lumen - 3D LED Lantern is available in assorted.
Dorcy Motion Sensor Headlight
The Dorcy Motion 3AAA LED Headlamp can be used in regular on/off mode, or used in motion sensor mode with a simple wave of the hand. The motion sensor feature is perfect for when you have wet, oily, or gloved hands. This lightweight and compact headlamp features a washable adjustable head strap, a pivoting head for directional lighting, and a padded rear battery pack for comfort and minimal frontal weight. On high, the light features 200 lumens, a maximum beam distance of 78 meters, and a run time of 4 hours 30 minutes. On low, the light offers 65 lumens and a continuous run time of 12 hours. (41-2104)
Dorcy 3-Directional LEDs
In an emergency seeing where you are going and being able to signal for help is critical. With SEARCH LIGHT by Life+Gear you can SEE BE SEEN and BE HEARD. Specifications for Life Gear Search Light 500LM Flashlight: Power: 500 Lumens Finish: Red Battery Type: 4 x AA Bulb Type: CREE LED Additional Features: Rescue Beacon Color: Red Package Contents: Life Gear Search Light 500LM Flashlight Life Gear AA35-60573-RED: Search Light 500 Lumens Flashlight with Emergency Signaling Beacon Red Life Gear AA35-60573-RED: Search Light 500 Lumens Flashlight with Emergency Signaling Beacon Red.
Dorcy Rubber LED Flashlight
$16.99 - $20.99
Features rubber construction, weather resistant with nylon lanyard. Batteries included.
Dorcy Reusable Glowstick
Dorcy TG11-60141-RGB reusable, glow stick, eco-friendly, 3x AG13, batteries included., Dorcy TG11-60141-RGB reusable, glow stick, eco-friendly, 3x AG13, batteries included.
Dorcy LED Flashlights
Contains 6 super bright 5MM LEDs. The 6 LED Flashlight has a tail cap push button switch for ease of use and contains rubber o-rings to protect against moisture. The LED flashlight is durable in construction and is weather resistant. This flashlight comes complete with a convenient nylon lanyard and 3 AAA cell batteries. The 6 LED Flashlight is available in assorted colors.
Dorcy AR-TECH Flashlight, LED Flashlight & Personal Lantern
AR-TECH Flashlight,, LED Flashlight & Personal Lantern, 360 Degree of Light
Dorcy COB Headlight
This headlight features a powerful COB LED, high and low modes, and a red LED mode. On high the light features 122 lumens, 6.5 hours of run time, and a 23 meter beam distance. On low the light features 41 lumens, a long 21.5 hours of run time, and a 13 meter beam distance. Simple switching allows you to easily switch modes, as well as turn the light on and off. This lightweight headlight features an adjustable head strap for a precision fit and comfortable wearability for hours on end. Includes 3 AAA batteries. (41-2110).
Dorcy COB Magnetic Work Light
Dorcy's new COB Magnetic Work Light Display features sixteen 200 lumen pocket area lights, each with tough ABS body construction, rubber spray finish, and 1.5 hours of continuous run time on 3 AAA batteries. A strong 180 degree swiveling magnetic clip allows for directional hands free use and makes it easy to place the light right where you need it. Easy twist on/off base with battery polarity icon makes changing batteries easy. Colors of red, black, yellow, and blue. 3 AAA alkaline batteries are included for each light. (41-2620)
Dorcy LED Mini Accent Lantern
The Dorcy Luminaura 4AA LED Mini Lantern features a sleek and compact design that makes it easy to take anywhere. Providing over 70 hours of run time and 360° of light output, this light is perfect for travel, camping, emergencies, power outages, or any time a long lasting light is needed. Comes in yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, teal, and pink. Other features include a side mounted dial switch for ease of use and a built-in hang hook within the handle. Requires 4 AA cell batteries.
Dorcy Adventure Headlamp
Super bright bulb. Water-resistant, hands-free operation. Twist on/off. Uses 3 "AA" batteries. Lifetime warranty.
Dorcy Aluminum 60 Lumen Flashlight
Anodized aluminum focusing flashlight. Push button barrel switch. Adjustable beam from spot to flood light. Batteries included.
Dorcy Red Camplight
The LED Clamp Light's built in clamp allows the light to be mounted almost anywhere, making it a great hands free light for various tasks. It tilts 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees making it easy to position the light right where you need it. It's also a great tent light and book light. As with all of Life Gear's products, safety features are incorporated into the design. Additional red glow light and emergency flasher light functions are included so you can signal and be seen in case of an emergency. Batteries are included.
Dorcy Minimax LED Flashlight
Dorcy LG09-10475-SA6 minimax LED, flashlight, aluminum construction, 3 AAA batteries, compact flashlight.
Dorcy LED Rubber Flashlight
LED Rubber Flashlight, Rubber Construction, Lanyand, Weather Resistant.
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