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Aerators & Live Bait Accessories

Sure Life Better Bait
$30.90 - $255.24
Conditions water. Removes chlorine. Keeps bait frisky. Lowers bait losses. Stimulates a natural slime coat. Removes heavy metals. Reduces fungus and bacteria. Adds electrolytes.
Frabill Dual Output 12Vdc & 110V
0341-0616: Whisper quiet operation runs ultra quiet. UL Approved. Aerates live bait for days between fishing trips. Effectively aerates up to 100 gallons. Power Efficient - draws only three watts. 0341-0617: Whisper quiet operation runs ultra quiet. UL Approved. Aerates live bait for days between fishing trips. Effectively aerates up to 50 gallons. Power Efficient - draws only three watts.
Marine Metal Bubbles Commercial Air Pump Kit
120 Volt AC air pump. Kit includes (2) weighted 3" bubble donuts, 12' airline tubing and (2) Replacement diaphragms. Aerates 100 gallons. 2 OUtlets 6900 cc/min. Very quiet. For fresh or saltwater.
Frabill Aqua-Life Bait Station
The 1469 is a remarkably lightweight yet sturdy 6-gallon self-contained baitfish condo that keeps an environment of up to 10 quarts of water in perfect tune. A powerful and ultra-quiet built-into-the-lid air pump efficiently aerates bottom to top via a removable micro-bubbler diffuser. And the pump runs strong all day long, whether powered by only two D-call batteries while you're on the water, the 12-volt adaptor for transporting in your vehicle or vessel or by an optional 120-volt adaptor for storing minnows overnight (or days on end) in the garage. The Aqua-Life Bait Station comes lined with a heavy-duty removable insulated liner to keep water temperatures from those drastic rises and falls that can make minnows turn belly up. Its lid clamps tight to the bucket to keep splash-overs at bay, as well as the pump safe and secure in a waterproof compartment for years of service. The 1469 Aqua-Life Bait Station even sports an accessory hook for securing a minnow dipping net.
Marine Metal Insulated Cool Bubbles?
Eliminates the two biggest problems of keeping live bait - maintaining constant water temperature and proper aeration. Self-contained 11 1/2 quart insulated pail with Bubbles? water-tight air pump (CB-3). Runs 85 hours on a pair of "D" cell alkaline batteries. Light to carry - tough enough to sit on.
Frabill Aqua Life Cooler Conversion Kit
The Aqua-Life Cooler Conversion Kit is an advanced aeration system that when paired with a large cooler can update the most antiquated watercraft. It comes with installation hardware, air hose and super-quiet aerator pump, secured in a watertight 5.5" X 3.5" X 1.5-inch housing.
Marine Metal Cool Bubbles 5Gal W/B-11 Pump
Helps maintain constant a water temperature with proper aeration. Noncorrosive HDPE pail and lid for durability. Foam liner offers optimal insulation. Multipurpose lid with a cutting board top features a large door for easy dip net access. Holds 5 gallons. Includes an air pump that runs up to 40 hours on 2 alkaline D batteries (not included). Waterproof switch.
Marine Metal Power Bubbles?
12-volt DC aeration system features low current 1/4 amp, dual bellows high volume (pumps 2 liters of air per minute), saturates water with oxygen, double discharge allows aeration of 1 or 2 livewells. Increases capacity of flow through livewells. Includes 10' of air tubing with 2 large airstones (allows pump to be mounted in any protected area), 2 anti-siphon valves protect pump against water intrusion, quiet solid-state circuits. For fresh or saltwater. One year limited warranty.
Marine Metal Super Saver
12-volt bilge pump and aerator kit. Fills, aerates and empties any livewell. Adjusts to any size insulated chest, livewell or container. Mounts with suction cups or screw. Pumps water in, out and aerates at 500 GPH. Two spray heads. Kit includes bilge pump, 10' cord, copper battery clips, two aeration spray heads, mounting brackets, 5' flexible tubing, Fish Foam filter, stainless steel screws, and suction cups for mounting.
Marine Metal Airhead
12-volt DC liquid air pump mixes air with water to produce a gentle current of minute bubbles. Adjustable nozzle directs bubble stream. Detachable filter traps floating debris. Bucket is not included.
Eagle Claw Butterfly Net
This product must be purchased in quantities of 4
Marine Metal Cool Bubbles
Maintains constant water temperature with proper aeration Bubbles B-11 model pump runs up to +/- 40 hours with 2 alkaline D batteries, also runs on 1 battery Impact resistant case with rubber booted switch Pumps 1.4 STL/minute Extra thick .75" styrofoam bucket. Will also fit as insert to any 3.5, 4.25 or 5 gallon buckets. Special weighted air stones provide greater dissolved oxygen New multi-purpose lid has large opening for easy bait net access, cutting surface, and mounting tabs for tools, and tackle Ideal for crappie and ice fishing Designed for fresh and saltwater use
Marine Metal Fish Saver®
12-volt, 1.75 amp aerating system. Pump attaches with suction cups to all non-porous surfaces - no drilling or screws. Adjustable spray tube may be cut to fit different containers. Aerates 10 to 15 gallons. Bucket is not included.
Magic Quiet Air Plus
Will keep water based bait fresh and lively to help you catch more and larger fish. Combines sturdy insulated bucket with quiet add on aerator. Large hinged lid for easy access. Eight quart capacity.
Marine Metal 2-Way Bubbles
Extremely quiet air pump. 3V DC-Pumps up to 52 hours with 2 alkaline "D" batteries. Fresh or saltwater. 12V to 3V cigarette adapter enclosed. Powerful pumps 1.39 liters of air/min. Weighted air stone and 30" of tubing inside case. Water resistant case and switch. Large adjustable stainless steel mounting clip. Aerates 7½ gallons. Back up aquarium pump.
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Our Deluxe 12V/110V Aerator is made of plastic with plastic gears. This model has a run time of 40 hours on the batteries. The kit includes one each of the folowing, 12V adapter, 110V adapter, stone and one hose. The stone and hose are stored in a plastic bag inside battery compartment straight from factory.
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The Flambeau 6084FA insulated bucket with features a lid with a hinge open top for easy access. The lid also features aerated holes on top and an aerator clip. This lid comes with a black plastic handle for easy carrying. The 1 inch foam thick insulated wall to keep your bait cool and fresh. The aerator is made of plastic. The plastic gears runs on two D size batteries. The aerator has a run time of 40 hours and includes one Stone and one Hose that is stored in a plastic bag.
Marine Metal 110 Air & 110 Air ll
$22.99 - $34.99
Operates on 110 volt household current. Great for saving baits indefinitely. Complete with tubing and airstone. 1-year guarantee. Rubber base mount.
Magic Quiet Air 10 Qt. Foam Bucket
High insulation 10 quart thick wall bucket with quality air aerator. Braided plastic handle and organizer top.
Rapala Floating Aerator
Water activated. Air release stone at bottom. 18 hour continuous run time 36 hour runtime with 15 minute intervals. Operates on 3- C batteries (not included). Aerates 1.5 liters per minute (0.4 gal). Ideal for most bait storage containers.
Marine Metal Bubbles?
Precision motors run up to 100 hours on 2 "D" cell alkaline batteries. Booted waterproof switches. Aerates up to 7 1/2 gallons.
Frabill Bait Dealer Nets
Features a molded polyethylene net guard to eliminate noise and abrasion when a net is scraped against the inside of bait tanks. Also features perfectly square corners for easy dipping. Nylon mesh netting is soft on bait.
Marine Metal Bubbles Top Combo Pak
Universal 5 gallon lid with aerator. Fits most 5 gallon buckets. Cutting board top with tabs for fishing accessories (pliers & knife not included). Bubble box runs 33 hours on alkaline D batteries. Big hinged door for easy access. UV treated. Aerator banded to lid.
Marine Metal Quiet Bubbles
Features a water-resistant air pump with a waterproof switch and an adjustable stainless steel clip and fasteners. Runs up to 33 hours on 2 alkaline "D" batteries. Bucket is not included.
Sure Life Catch And Release
The ultimate stress reducing livewell additive for holding & releasing bass. Calms bass with all natural sedative. Stimulates and protects slime coating. Reduces weight loss by preventing stomach regurgitation. Prevents shock and restores electrolyte balance. Instantly removes harmful chlorine and other toxic harmful water treatment chemicals. Boots oxygen transfer. Protects against overall post release infection.
Frabill Baitwell Nets
$8.79 - $22.99
A complete selection of nets for bait buckets, bait tanks and livewells. Model 3241: white nylon net material with 4" net depth with 3/8" mesh. Model 3051 Orange nylon net material with 3" net depth and 1/4" mesh. Model 3246:Clear mono net material with 6" net depth with 3/8" mesh. Model 3240 White nylon net material with 4" net depth.
Frabill Livewell Net
A net designed to remove your catch from the livewell on your boat or dock. The unique shape accommodates any livewell configuration. Special mesh was designed to protect the scales, gills or slime coat for tournament, taxidermist or table. Using this net will eliminate bruised knuckles, dorsal fins stuck between fingers and excessive splashing from excited fish.
Ranger Assorted Nets
Includes: Floating butterfly net with 24" handle and 12" hoop. Floating creature and bait net with 18" handle and a 11" x 9" hoop. Floating bait & shell net with 10" handle and 9" x 6" hoop.
Frabill Strato-Seat
Converts 5-6 gallon plastic pails into a comfortable fishing seat. Unique kidney shape allows access to interior of bucket while seated. Easy snap on/off design. Heavy-duty blow molded construction. Padded cushion top for seating comfort.
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