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Finished Leaders

Eagle Claw Steel Leader W/ Ball Bearing Swivel
$62.28 - $67.08
High quality steel leader for freshwater or saltwater use.
Musky Innovations Fluorocarbon Leader
Our new InvisiLeader technology is truly an innovation in leaders. InvisiLeader is a leader that is virtually undetectable under water due to the fact that fluorocarbon has a very similar refractory index to that of water. These leaders give the appearance that your bait is swimming on it's own through the water.
Windels Muskie/Pike Leaders
$3.69 - $9.99
12" ball bearing or crane swivel leader.
Berkley Musky/Pike Fluoro Leader
Features Berkley ball bearing swivels for reduced line twist. Extra strong Cross-Lok snaps. 100% Fluorocarbon.
Eagle Claw Steel Leader W/Ball Bearing Interlock
For freshwater and saltwater use. Built to be tough, durable, and functional. 3 pack.
Musky Mania Premium Leader
Demand the maximum from your leader. 12" leader features a ball bearing swivel, extra heavy-duty cross lock snap and premium 175 lb. stainless-steel wire. Twist-resistant while providing maximum action.
Eagle Claw Nylon Coated Leaders
$6.49 - $6.79
Heavy duty steel leaders. Superior snaps and swivels. 12 Pack
Berkley Ball Bearing Steel-Lok Wire Wound Leaders
Ball Bearing Steel-Lok Wire Wound Leaders
Eagle Claw Micro-Leader?
$4.49 - $5.49
Eagle Claw Wire Micro Leaders are great for a variety of fishing situations. These leaders are made of micro wire - thin, yet strong and flexible. The small diameter of the wire prevents fish from seeing the leader. Eagle Claw Wire Micro Leaders are made of lightweight, small diameter wire. and have a barrel swivel on one end. The 8" (12lb., 18lb. and 27lb.) sizes feature a barrel swivel on one end and dual lock snaps on the other end. The 12" (27lb.) size features a crane swivel on one end and a coastlock snap on the other end. 3 pack
Musky Mania Night-Fishing Leader
Make things easier when night fishing with this leader. Special glow-in-the-dark bead makes you aware of when to begin figure-eights and protects your rod tip at the same time! 18", 90 lb. 7-strand wire features a ball bearing swivel and cross lock snap. All connections are crimped for solid performance.
Berkley Steelon®
$2.99 - $3.79
Stainless steel wire with nylon coating to reduce fraying. Sevenstrand construction improves flexibility and reduces kinking.
Berkley Wire Wound Steelon®
$1.79 - $2.59
Hand-wound with wire instead of crimped, for a stronger hold. Runs true through water and gathers fewer weeds. Available in bright & black.
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