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Floats-Pkgd,Furn Lines,Stops

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Bill Lewis Rocket Bobbers
$491.88 - $503.88
Billy Boy Lighted Pole Floats
$74.28 - $161.88

A lighted float that will work for the fishermen. Ours, which is made with wood, will support the heavy sinker used in this type fishing. [more]

Redi-Rig Stealth Planer Floats
$54.99 - $64.99

Our new Stealth Planers? are revolutionizing planer boards. Never fight another board instead of fighting the fish. Our planers use our patented release system allowing the planer to "release" when the fish strikes. Never worry about having someone else take the planer off your line as you fight… [more]

Comal Pear Slip Sticks
$22.68 - $54.99

Accurate, long-distance casting. Slip knot - fish at any depth. Floats in upright position. Eliminates heavy line weights. Allow live bait to move freely. 100 PER PACK. [more]

Thill Pro Series Floats
$2.69 - $48.42

Slip bobbers are the ultimate for fishing live bait at various depths. Just a quick adjustment of the bobber stop puts the bait where you want it. A slick brass grommet insert allows line to easily slip through these premium balsa wood floats. Available in Unweighted & Weighted. Weighted bobbers… [more]

Comal Snap-On/Off Panfish Stick
$39.50 - $44.50

For crappies, bream, bluegill or any panfish. Use with cane poles, hand line or rod and reel. A solid unbreakable float body. Nylon sticks rust-proof springs. No waterlogging - will not sink. [more]

Billy Boy Balsa Slip Floats

Made from Balsa Wood. Most buoyant of all floats. Variable depth can be controlled with Betts Bobber Stops. Floats are painted with a clear coat for protection to prevent cracking and splitting. [more]

Comal Snap-On Floats

Use with cane poles, hand line or rod and reel. A solid unbreakable float body. Nylon sticks - rust proof springs. No waterlogging - will not sink. [more]

Thill Premium Steelhead Floats
$34.02 - $37.62

Fixed floats. Instead of a standard metal spring which can nick line, Thill Premium Steelhead Floats feature soft latex tubing for securely attaching the float to the line. Simply move the latex tube up the float's shaft, slip line into the notch, and pull down the tubing. [more]

Hook'um Bobber Stops
$1.29 - $37.08

String-type bobber stops. Works on either open or closed face reels. Slide up or down line to change fishing depth. Includes 3 beads. [more]

Comal Slip Stick Floats
$24.50 - $34.50

Fluorescent multi-designs. Fully tubed, easy to thread. Small hole nylon eyelet prevent line wear. No bead needed. Extra light. [more]

Thill Premium Weighted Floats
$30.42 - $34.02

Whether used slip-style or fixed, Thill Premium Weighted Floats cast farther and more accurately in wind. Use fixed floats in the shallows or use a float stop and let the float slide to reach deeper fish. The vibrant orange color makes it easy to see. [more]

Thill Night N' Day Glow Floats
$2.89 - $32.22

Black with fluorescent glow tops. [more]

Comal Push Button Snap-On/Off

Solid body, unbreakable. Can be used as a slip float or for fixed position float. Double lock either end. Will not sink. [more]

Thill America's Favorite Float
$2.79 - $28.62

Stained wood with fluorescent tops featuring premium balsa construction. These slip floats are great for use when targeting all species of freshwater fish. Floats are painted with hi-vis orange and chartreuse tops. Available in oval and pencil styles. These floats are made in the U.S.A. [more]

Comal Weighted Slip Floats
$23.76 - $26.16

Super sensitive. Accurate long distance casting. Allows full reel-in. Float at rod tip when casting. Float knot - fish at any depth. Floats in upright position. Bait moves freely. [more]

Comal Weighted Spring Stick Floats

This product must be purchased in quantities of 24. [more]

Redi-Rig P400 Release Floats

Saltwater: If your fishing closer to shore with gizzard or threadfin shad, shiners, herring or bunker these floats with a 2oz weight is a great rig to get you hooked up with Stripers and Tuna a consistent basis. For warmer water use the P400 for Tarpon, Cobia, big Bull Redfish or Live line for Tuna… [more]

Comal Round Snap-On Floats

Red Snap On/Off 3" [more]

Shakespeare Children Hide-A-Hook Bobber Tackle Kits

Weighted to allow easy casting and fewer tangles. Weedless for less snags. Pre-rigged for easy fishing. Complete kits include: Gulp!® Waxies. 2-Pre-rigged Hide-A-Hook Bobbers?. 2-Jig Heads. 3-Bobber Stoppers. Choose from Spiderman, Cars or Barbie. [more]

Comal Slotted Pear Slip Stick

All peg floats fitted with Comal's custom dual purpose pegs with small diameter hole for fixed depth or slip fishing. [more]

Comal Weighted Snap-On Floats
$11.88 - $14.28

Accurate, long distance super casting float. Eliminates heavy line weights. Weighted to float at float center. Allows bait to move freely. [more]

Eagle Claw Lighted Bobbers

These are great bobbers for night fishing. All bobbers light up red. Batteries included. [more]

Comal Weighted Push Button Snap-On/Off

Accurate, long distance super casting float. Eliminates heavy line weights. Allows live bait to move freely. [more]

Redi-Rig Ultimate Depthfinders

Just let out 10 to 20ft of line with lure or bait, attach releaser, then let out more line to your desired depth. Rig with various size sinkers for drifting or trolling to get baits deeper in seconds. Use 1oz for every 10 to 12ft as a general rule to put you in the fish. This calculation is at 2mph… [more]

K&E Bobber Speed Stop

A must for slip float fishing. Passes through open or closed face reels. Made of nylon, won't cut line. Adjusts by sliding up or down line - stays where you put it without knots. [more]

85 Results
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