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Fly tying tools & materials

Jackson Cardinal Premium Fly Tying Kit
Contains the same features as the standard kit with the addition of an "AA" style chrome vise, whip finisher fly tying tool and complete instructions. This kit is recommended for the serious beginner fly tyer and includes everything needed to produce professional quality flies without any additional purchases.
Jackson Cardinal Standard Fly Tying Kit
This fly tying kit includes a beginner fly tyer book; fly king vise; scissors; bobbin and thread; hackle pliers; half-hitch tool; dubbing wax and head cement; grizzly hackle; peacock pearl; pheasant tail; yellow, black and brown Chenille; deer hair; moose hair; muskrat fur; yellow, brown and black hackle; brown Marabou; brown, black and yellow dubbing material; calftail; mallard flank; gold wire; tinsel; white duck quill; and hook assortment.
Jackson Cardinal Fly Floatants
$5.89 - $12.49
Available in spray, paste, powder or gel. Powdered fly floatant makes flies virtually waterproof. Re-floats drowned flies and removes fish slime. Spray floatant is a silicone-based fly floatant/waterproofer in a convenient spray form. Paste flote is a super high floating paste for large flies, lines and leaders. Gel flote is easy to use, long lasting, deep penetrating floatant in a 1/2 ounce squeezable bottle.
Scientific Anglers Tie Fast Knot Tyer
The world famous TIE-FAST Knot Tyer is the ultimate "nail" knot tool. Made of one piece stainless steel. Enables anglers to tie secure knots in a matter of seconds.
Cortland Foam Strike Indicator
These hi-vis orange pinch-on style buoyant strike indicators are easily attached and removed from your leader. Highly visible and fade resistant, they cast with minimal air resistance and land with far less surface disturbance than hollow plastic indicators.
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