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Lure rigging accessories

Component Vinyl Jig Paint
$7.39 - $19.99
Extremely tough Vinyl Lure and Jig Finish, used by over 600 manufacturers. Won't chip or crack. Apply by dipping. Use white under all colors for proper adhesion on metal or lead. Can recoat in 10 to 20 minutes. Use clear gloss for top coat if high gloss is desired. Thin only with our Vinyl Thinner.
Tru-Turn HitchHikers
$2.99 - $17.94
Snap-on coil device used to connect almost anything to hooks.
Storm Accessories
Consisting of adhesive-backed, pliable decals - called SuspenDots? and SuspenStrips? - this system instantly transforms a Storm ThunderStick® or any diving/floating lure into a super productive suspending lure.
Component Powder Paint & Glitter
Extremely tough powder paint used by over 600 manufacturers. Won't chip or crack. Apply by dipping. 2 oz. bottle.1149-0864:Component Systems Glitters are specially formulated from lightweight polyester to withstand heat and stay suspended longer in liquid paints. This is especially helpful when air-brushing to prevent clogging of the gun and for more uniform distribution.
Component Jighead Cement
Head Cement is a durable waterproof finish for windings on flies, jigs, bucktails, etc. Dries quickly, won't peel or crack.
Component Paint Thinner
Use small amount and stir well. Excessive thinning will not allow paint to cover properly.
Eco Pro Beads
$5.59 - $6.99
Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Beads are made from a unique synthetic material that won't shatter like plastic or glass. Six beautiful seal coat colors let you perfectly match your beads with your baits and your Eco Pro Tungsten weights for a perfect presentation. 8 Pack.
Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings
Heavy duty split rings, ideal for connecting hooks to all sizes of lures. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, they are quick to "spring-back" after opening. Available in black chrome and stainless colors.
Worth Packaged Split Rings
$5.09 - $6.19
Nickel steel. Clam packaged. 15 split rings per clam pack.
Northland Buck-Shot®
The finest rattle on the market today. Designed with silicone "rattle band" ring and can be attached to the shoulder of any jig, hook, spinnerbait or spoon to emit sonic rattlin' vibrations and sound to attract fish to the lure and trigger them to strike. Molded from hard plastic.
Atlas-Mike's Spawn Nets
$3.89 - $5.39
Soft nylon netting for cluster or single egg spawn sacs. Single eggs, clusters, cheese, liver, etc. Makes up to 40 average-size sacs. Available in nylon rolls and 4" squares.
Zoom Tube Rattles
This derivative of the Carolina Ticker is designed specifically for Carolina Rigs. The large recessed cavity on one side rests over the knot, directly onto the swivel, protecting the knot from potential damage caused by the bead or sinker. Fish-attracting sound also is produced from the strikes of the sinker or bead against the Pro Ticker.
Eagle Claw Wacky Rig-O-Rings
Traditionally used for rigging stickbaits with the wacky rig setup/technique. The OPS Wacky Rig O-Rings are high quality, mechanical grade rubber O-Rings. Anglers often use O-Rings to achieve a wacky rig when using soft plastic stickbaits.
Kalin Glass Beads
8mm faceted glass beads, fire polished.
Owner Soft Glow Beads
With a through-hole design, slides on line and leaders for attracting walleyes, trout, salmon and more. Slide over hook eye to protect knots. Phosphor-charged, they're also a natural for using with saltwater Sabiki rigs. Sizes by diameter: #3 - 1/8", #4 - 3/16", #5 - 1/4".
Atlas-Mike's Bait Sac Floaters
Used especially to tie egg or bait sacs. Replaces 25% of bait with floaters. Keeps bait off the bottom. 300 per bag.
Northland Folded Clevis
The Folded Clevis is stamped from brass and used to revolve spinner blades on spinner rigs, spinnerbaits and blade baits.
Lindy Multi-Faceted Beads
Multi-faceted beads in the perfect colors for attracting and triggering strikes from hungry walleyes, these new beads from Lindy are a must-have in any rigging arsenal.
Lindy X Change® Clevis
Change spinner blades easily and ultra-quickly. X-Change Clevises eliminates time-consuming tear-downs and retying. To change blade color, size, or style, simply remove your "old" blade and snap on your "new" blade-in seconds.
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