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Misc Fishing Accessories

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T- Handle design for quick catch and release. Includes conservation clips as a no-tear solution. Storage hanger provides quick and easy access to your cull marker. Color/Number codes match the Berkley 35 Lb Precision Digital Scale.
Berkley Line Counter
Accurate fishing depth monitor. One touch quick line set up lever. Automatic line release pressure to fit various fishing conditions.
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Spool line easily with the use of a door or table leg. Adjustable tension with tension band. Holds filler spool and quarter spool.
Berkley 5 Gallon Bucket
Perfect for transporting your gear. Great for: ice fishing, surf fishing, dock or Pier fishing, bank fishing, and saltwater fishing
Berkley Marker Buoy
1 per pack. Includes 75' of line. 6 Oz bendable anchor weight. Buoys have classic dumbbell shape. Mark fishing spots or trouble areas.
Berkley Mini Line Spooler
Small size for easy storage. Accommodates up to a quarter pound spool of line. Clips onto nearly any size rod. Adjustable line tension. Weather resistant material.
Berkley Worm Blower
Injects air in small crawlers to enhance size and buoyancy. Keeps worms off bottom and in front of fish.
Berkley Fish Pole Bells
Spring clip design. Copper plated.
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