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Planers,Hand Lines-SW

Off Shore Tattle Flag Upgrade Kit
Each kit includes flag, two OR-16 clips, wire, spring, washer, screw eye, split ring, 6/32 screw and instructions. One kit will upgrade one OR-12 Side Planer. This item is ideal for light biting fish. The flag will pull down when you have a fish on or if you are fouled in weeds.
Off Shore Adjustable Planer Board Release
This release comes as standard equipment on the OR-12 Side Planer and is ideal for dual planer board trolling for Walleye and Salmon using 10-25 pound test monofilament line. This is the release most commonly used for rigging add-a-lines or fixed slider lines among downrigger anglers.
Tuf-Line Planer Board Line
$13.99 - $14.99
High visibility, fluorescent orange braided decron. Low stretch and long life. Smaller diameter than standard planer board line allows the planer to run more smoothly with less line drag
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