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Calcutta Straight Jaw Aluminum Pliers With Cutters
Includes sheath and lanyard.
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The SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner quickly removes rib bones and skin from your fillet, without losing any meat in the process. Fish cleaning has forever changed! Features: Stainless steel floating blade, Corrosion resistant removable intake wheel, 9'8" Cord plugs into standard 120VAC outlet, Two step power on for safety and control. Use indoors or out.
Sea Striker Nickel Plated Pliers
7" Needle Nose Pliers with cutter, designed with durability in mind. Ergonomic, non-slip grips for comfort and control. Nickel plated finish. Packed 18 in attractive display box. Packed 18 No Break.
Sea Striker Nickel Finish Cutters
6" Cutter with extra sharp blades for easily slicing through wire and mono line. Ergonomic, non-slip grips for comfort and control. Nickel plated finish. Packed 18 in attractive display box. Packed 18 No Break.
Lew's Mach Speed Tools
$14.95 - $59.95
Rapala Plier Combo Pack w/Scale
Perfect for the pan fisherman. 6-1/2" Fisherman's Pliers, 5-1/2" Forceps, 25 lb. Scale and Rapala® Clipper. Sheath.
Rapala Plier Combo w/Fillet Knife
6-1/2" Fisherman's Pliers, Falcon Fillet Knife/Sheath and Rapala Fishing Clipper.
Calcutta Cr Series Long Nose Cutting Pliers Kit
This kit includes our 6" carbon steel needle nose and cutting plier with corrosion resistant finish. Includes two pocket sheath.
Rapala Tool Combos
New Combo Tools give more options for anglers to put together just the right setup. Dual sheath custom designed to hold both tools.
Rapala Forceps & Pliers
Easily reach deep hooked baits and other hard to reach hooks with ease. Truly one of those "How did I like without it" tools. Co-molded grips for a secure hand while digging deep to save your "lucky Rapala" lure. Nickel plated carbon steel construction for years of rust resistant service.
Rapala Stainless Steel Pliers
$21.99 - $25.99
Premium quality tool. Stainless steel construction resists rust. Special features not found in other pliers. Soft-Grip Handles. Split Shot Crimper. Rapala Lure Tuning Tool. Leaf Spring. Side Cutter.
Calcutta Pistol Grip Long Nose Pliers
These ergonomic 7" Long Nose Pistol Grip pliers allow the angler to see into the fishing mouth without your knuckles blocking your view. Lightweight frame is smaller but very strong. The bushing allows for smoother action and more corrosion resistance.
Rapala Stainless Steel Fishing Forceps
$20.99 - $22.99
Perfect for removing hooks, they also feature scissors for cutting line. Oversize finger holes are coated with a non-slip, soft-grip coating for comfort and function. Locking handles offer a secure grip. Hand lanyard.
Rapala Plier & Super Line Scissor Combo
Pliers & Super Line Scissors Combo features the Rapala Fisherman's Pliers, designed for years of reliable service, they are made of durable carbon steel with a nickel plated finish. Co-molded grips for comfort with a double leaf spring for ease of use and convenience. Split shot crimper, Rapala® lure tuning tool and light duty side cutters are also featured plus the Super Line Scissors that feature sharp serrated cutting edge and oversized finger and thumb holes, these scissors actually grip and hold braided line for easy non-slip cutting.
Calcutta Aluminum Pliers
Lightweight pliers cut mono and braided line, anodized corrosion resistant finish.
Rapala Plier Combo Pack
Perfect for the pan fisherman. 6 1/2" fishing pliers. Hook sharpener. Jig buster. Fishing clipper.
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