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Baker Plier Combo
Includes 6" pliers, line nipper and forceps. The small diameter needle point pliers are designed with a line cutter and serrated jaws for a firm grip. Forceps also have serrated jaws and locking handle with extra large finger loops. Both are stainless steel tools and have coated handles. Line nipper is designed with a Jig-eye punch and fishing line clipper in one tool.
Baker Plier/Forcep Kit
Includes stainless steel pliers and 6" forceps.
Baker Scissor 'N Forceps
These multi-purpose 6 ½" Scissor / Forceps work great for hook removal, weight crimping and de-barbing hooks. Made of saltwater resistant stainless steel this tool offers three locking positions to maximize leverage. Plus, Scissor / Forceps are sized to easily fit in tackle boxes or fly vests.
Baker Stainless Steel Straight Forceps
$6.39 - $6.99
This 5 ½" Forceps is easy to use in retrieving small hooks and flies from your catch. Made of stainless steel with serrated jaws allows for a firm grip on hooks or flies. Forceps are designed with a long nose and locking handle with serrated jaws to provide a powerful grip. Plus these Forceps easily fit in your tackle box or fly vest.
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