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Mustad Halibut Rigs
Mustad Halibut Rigs are assembled with a crimped leader attached to a 16/0 hook and swivel. 1 per pack.
K&E Pro Flash Rigs
Big flash for open water trolling. Big 4 1/2" hammered blades, two #4 hooks. 12 per card.
K&E Tiger Rigs
Featuring the popular tiger pattern on a big 4 1/2" blade with two #4 hooks. 12 per card.
K&E Plain Harnesses
Three hook harness, no blade. Gold or Bronze. Two per pack.
Northland Butterfly Blade Super Death Rig
Spin like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Unique polycarbonate blade on Northland's Butterfly Blade Super Death Rig spins up strikes with maximum flash and vibration. 60" snell. Premium Super Death hook.
Northland Baitfish Spinner Harness
$2.29 - $21.54
The ultimate walleye spinner rig. It features 2 Eagle Claw® "Lazer-Sharp" hooks, 14# Trilene® XT Leader and hot new 3-dimensional holographic Baitfish-Image? attractor blades for maximum flash and lifelike reflection.
No Image
#3 Colorado Vented Blade. #4, #6, & #8 Premium Red Hooks. 36" Team-Fish Camo - 12 lb. Test. Packed 6 No Break.
Quick Change Spinners/Crawler Harness
$2.69 - $19.74
With Quick Change spinners, you can change spinner blades in a snap with the patented clevis.
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Specially designed #3 Colorado Blade with vents...allows water to flow through the blade giving extra water turbulence. Great live bait rig for Walleye. Comes in 6 great fish catching colors!_ We use a #4 Red hook on Team-Fish Camo 12# Test.
Northland Baitfish-Image Spinner Rigs
Developed to "match the hatch" of game fish's most preferred forage..a baitfish minnow. It features an Eagle Claw® Lazer-Sharp hook, durable Trilene® XT Leader and hot new 3-dimensional Baitfish-Image? attractor blades for maximum flash and sound vibration. 6 per card.
JB Lures Hot Flash
This series uses an all-new #4 and #6 Red Premium hooks; these hooks are very sharp and have excellent plating. Moderate hook-set is recommended. The "Hot-Flash" blade has a unique "swimming minnow look". To create this blade we started with a hammered blade and by not painting the bottom 1/3, a hammered nickel or gold effect is still maintained on the "front" of the blade which also created a swimming "tail" effect. Then we added a very attractive two-toned look to the front of the blade. The darker colors are at the "top" of the blade while a prism "eye" is applied so that a "head" of the minnow is created. Finally a coat of glitter is applied to simulate the scales. We then cover the entire blade with a coat of epoxy to enhance the colors and protect the finish. When you see the blade in the water you will agree that it looks uniquely like a "swimming minnow". The #960 Series uses a #2 Indiana Blade on 42" Team-Fish Camo 12# Test.
JB Lures Hot Flash Spinner Rig
Has an adjustable hook which serves 2 purposes. It will always keep the bait straight on the lure & will also adjust to different size minnows or chubs. The split ring allows changing the treble hook sizes. Very effective for large minnow rigging.
Little Joe Floating Crawler Harness
1 per bag, 6 per strip card.
Musky Mania Lift-Off Rig
The most effective live-bait rig on the market. Set the hook immediately upon fish striking, eliminating the need for guessing how long to wait. 100% releasability.
Joe Bucher Outdoors Quick Set Rigs
Quick set sucker rigs. 7 strand, 90 lb test.
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