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K&E Pro Flash Rigs
Big flash for open water trolling. Big 4 1/2" hammered blades, two #4 hooks. 12 per card.
K&E Tiger Rigs
Featuring the popular tiger pattern on a big 4 1/2" blade with two #4 hooks. 12 per card.
K&E Plain Harnesses
Three hook harness, no blade. Gold or Bronze. Two per pack.
Northland Baitfish Spinner Harness
$2.29 - $21.54
The ultimate walleye spinner rig. It features 2 Eagle Claw® "Lazer-Sharp" hooks, 14# Trilene® XT Leader and hot new 3-dimensional holographic Baitfish-Image? attractor blades for maximum flash and lifelike reflection.
JB Lures Slow Death Rig
The Slow Death Hook itself exaggerates the movement of a crawler on the snelled version. Slow Troll or a drift is recommended for best results. 2 per pack available in both #4 and #6 hooks.
Quick Change Spinners/Crawler Harness
$2.69 - $19.74
With Quick Change spinners, you can change spinner blades in a snap with the patented clevis.
Northland Baitfish-Image Spinner Rigs
Developed to "match the hatch" of game fish's most preferred forage..a baitfish minnow. It features an Eagle Claw® Lazer-Sharp hook, durable Trilene® XT Leader and hot new 3-dimensional Baitfish-Image? attractor blades for maximum flash and sound vibration. 6 per card.
JB Lures Hot Flash
This series uses an all-new #4 and #6 Red Premium hooks; these hooks are very sharp and have excellent plating. Moderate hook-set is recommended. The "Hot-Flash" blade has a unique "swimming minnow look". To create this blade we started with a hammered blade and by not painting the bottom 1/3, a hammered nickel or gold effect is still maintained on the "front" of the blade which also created a swimming "tail" effect. Then we added a very attractive two-toned look to the front of the blade. The darker colors are at the "top" of the blade while a prism "eye" is applied so that a "head" of the minnow is created. Finally a coat of glitter is applied to simulate the scales. We then cover the entire blade with a coat of epoxy to enhance the colors and protect the finish. When you see the blade in the water you will agree that it looks uniquely like a "swimming minnow". The #960 Series uses a #2 Indiana Blade on 42" Team-Fish Camo 12# Test.
JB Lures Vibra Flash Hot Flash Spinner
This series of spinner rigs combines the Vibra-Flash (#3 Indiana) with a 1/4" hole in the blade and our original Hot-Flash paint pattern, giving a great different look as well as increased sound and vibration. Matching beads and a Red #4 Hook on 42" Team-Fish Camo 12# Test finish off this spinner.
Little Joe Floating Crawler Harness
1 per bag, 6 per strip card.
Joe Bucher Outdoors Quick Set Rigs
Quick set sucker rigs. 7 strand, 90 lb test.
Lindy Original Rigs
The Lindy Rig's slip-sinker simplicity makes it the most renowned weapon for enticing wary walleyes. At the first sign of a bite, drop the rod tip, release some line, and the unsuspecting fish takes your bait. 6 per card.
Little Joe Crawler Harness
1 Per bag, 6 per strip card.
Lindy Floating Snells
For off-bottom or suspended walleyes. Move the adjustable high-vis float up or down the snell to hold bait off the bottom and keep bait visible above weeds, rocks and bottom debris. Carded.
Mustad Slow Death Rigs
Featuring the Mustad® Slow Death Hook. Unique Corkscrew Action. Use with worms or Berkley® Gulp? Crawlers. Excels in structure and tight spots. 48" Length Rig, 10# Berkley® Fluorocarbon. Great for Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Catfish & Panfish.
Owner Crawler Rigs
Choose from two sizes, adjustable crawler rigs. 6 per pack.
Yellow Bird Prescott Spinner Rigs
$5.89 - $6.39
Original Prescott spinners. 6" leader.
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