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Rod making accessories

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Contains 40 pcs: 10ea. BPOT sizes 8(5) thru 8(9)
Fuji Aluminum Oxide All-Purpose Casting & Spinning Tops
$23.90 - $51.90
Description includes Tube size inside diameter.
Fuji Aluminum Oxide All-Purpose Casting & Spinning Guides
$9.99 - $18.99
In addition to being lighter and stronger, these guides are made without a shock ring for better sensitivity.P
Fuji Rod Repair Kit
A conveniently packaged kit for use by the fisherman to repair most fishing rod tips. Kit contains three of the most widely used rod tips as well as a tube of Hot Melt Glue. BPOT8 (6), 8 (7), 8 (8). Black.
Fuji Aluminum Oxide Rod Guide Set
Aluminum Oxide Rod Guide Set
Eagle Claw Rod Tip Repair Kits
$9.79 - $10.49
Kits includes rod tips and rod cement.
Carlson Fishin' Glue
1/3 oz. Bottle of Specialized Low-Viscosity Fishing Adhesive. Waterproof & Scentless. Thousands of Uses Strengthens knots on all types of fishing lines Holds soft plastic baits, trailers on hooks & jigs Repairs cracked rods, loose guides and broken lures instantly No waiting, cures in 2 - 5 seconds on most materials Hunters - secure knots on decoy lines and repair arrow fletching
Berkley Rod Tip Repair Kit
Three 7/16" diameter replacement tips. Quick-dry cement.
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