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Snaps & Swivels

Eagle Claw Fishfinder Swivels
$35.88 - $56.16
Fishfinder sinker slide, with duo-lock snap.
Eagle Claw Lazer Ball Bearing Swivels W/ Interlock Snap
$38.94 - $52.74
The Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Swivel with Interlock Snap provides smooth lure action and allows bait to spin freely in the water. Black. 5 pack.
Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Swivels With Coastlok Snap
High quality ball bearing coastlock snap swivels. Freshwater and saltwater swivels that provide a connection you can count on.
Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Swivels With Interlock Snap
$44.28 - $49.08
Sz0 w/Interlok Snap Nic 3Pc
Kipper No-Knot Fas-Snap
$1.69 - $40.56
Made of spring steel for strength. Changes lures and hooks in seconds. Small, medium, large, and assorted.
Mustad Ringed Snap Hooks
This product must be purchased in quantitates of 10 with 12 in each pack. (A total of 120)
Eagle Claw Barrel Swivels With Safety Snaps
$13.08 - $39.48
Resealable packages.
Eagle Claw Barrel Swivels
$0.79 - $32.28
Resealable packages.
Eagle Claw Crossline Swivels
$21.48 - $22.68
Swivel Sz2 Brass 3Pc
Eagle Claw Dual Lock Snaps
$1.09 - $19.08
Sz1 10Pk
Spro Power Swivels
$4.89 - $16.99
Made of high-grade stainless steel with a gunmetal black finish, SPRO Power Swivels are many times stronger than standard barrel swivels and offer super smooth rotation and tremendous strength and durability.
Mustad Ball Bearing Swivel
Ball bearing swivel with welded rings and cross-lock snap. Polished ball bearings for smooth operation. Strong, solid-welded double rings. Cross-lock snap. Black.
Spro Ball Bearing Swivels
$7.59 - $9.39
SPRO Corp's premium ball bearing swivels offer anglers the finest in smooth rotation. Available in NS black or nickel, these durable swivels come in variety of configurations to fit the needs of all anglers.
Berkley Ball Bearing Cross-Lok®
Wire-over-wire locking snap with smooth, rotating ball-bearing swivel. Matte black finish.
Berkley Ball Bearing Swivels
Smooth, rotating ball-bearing swivels are the ultimate for reducing line twist. Brass swivels with matte black finish.
Spro 3-Way Swivels
Offers anglers the ultimate in durability. These sought after swivels come in a variety of styles to fill the needs of any fisherman. Black.
Bill Norman Speed Clips
$3.19 - $4.69
This fishing tool gives you the convenience of a snap and the strength of a split ring.
Eagle Claw Snap Swivel Assortments
$4.59 - $4.69
A variety of swivels in each assortment.
Team Catfish Sinker Slides
Sinker slides are the handiest little catfishing gizmos you can find anywhere. Imagine being able to change sinker sizes or take the sinkers off your poles whenever you want to without cutting your line. We have the solution and its a real time saver. The Sinker Slide. These great products also allow you to fish a slip sinker rig with a super slick slide that your line travels through.
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