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Snell & leader holders

Lindy Rigger
$4.99 - $21.99
Save fishing time and eliminate frustrating snarls with the Lindy rigger, the convenient anti-tangle storage system for snells of any length. Wind and unwind snells and leaders with ease. Each Lindy Rigger features 12 divisions for organizing Lindy Rig, spinner, or floating snells. Unique keeper slits reliably hold snells in place. Hooks embed firmly in high-density foam. Take up little space in the tackle box. And they float!
Carlson Snelled Hook Holdertackle Buddy?
$6.89 - $12.99
Made of soft rubber, keeps hooks sharp and features removable caps for convenient storage compartments. Individual ridges prevent costly troublesome tangles and increases your success rate by being prepared.
Eagle Claw Snelled Hook Holder
With 36 snelled baitholder hooks. Size 2" to 12".
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