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Terminal tackle-Misc

Rapala RMRC Magnetic Tool Release
Rapala RMRC Magnetic Release, powerful connecting magnets, carabiner clip, heavy duty split ring, holds up to 6.6 Lbs
Shur Strike Bottom Bouncers
$3.49 - $17.49
Features a stainless steel wire feeler that glides along the bottom without snagging or hanging up.
Team Catfish Sinker Bumperz Knot Protectors
14 Heavy duty rubber knot protectors.
Northland Quick-Change Blade Clevis
Molded plastic. Flexible interchangeable snap clip.
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The Northland Speed Clevis is moulded and shaped from stainless wire and designed with a flexible Quick Snap that allows for blades to be interchangeable without re-tying. The metal design creates less friction allowing the blade to spin at slower speeds with a much truer action
Northland Snubber Stops
Neoprene rubber bobber/sinker stops.
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