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Fishing Hooks

VMC Aberdeen X-Long Hooks
Likely the most popular design of long shank, light wire hook on the market for live bait fishing. The VMC® aberdeen is the best possible price quality ratio on the market for a high carbon steel hook with a chemically sharpened point.
VMC Dressed X-Rap Treble Hook
The X-Rap® tail imitates the action of a minnow's tail, triggering strikes. This VMC® Round Bend premium treble is forged from the finest high-carbon steel. The Cone Cut point is a chemically sharpened, second to none, premium point offering extremely fast and effortless penetration power. The Dressed X-Rap Treble features natural feathers and refective mylar fibers, 1X strong and short shank.
VMC Drop Dead Weighted Hook
The VMC Drop Dead Weighted Hook is designed to bring out the ideal action from the Trigger X Drop Dead Minnow or Flutter Worm.Fish it like you would a traditional soft jerkbait or using the Drop Dead technique. The weight is positioned low on the hook shank so it functions like a keel and keeps the Drop Dead Minnow running true, while also allowing the Drop Dead Minnow to produce its signature Drop Dead dying shad quiver and death spiral on the fall.
VMC Fastgrip Octopus Hook
Fastgrip Octopus Hooks are the first hook point with three microbarbs, including an upper barb close to the point that all but guarantees a swift hookset. Offers 15% more penetration power than standard hook points. The VMC Octopus style forged from Vandium steel with an offset, turned up eye is the ultimate choice for live-bait fishing for trout, salmon, walleye or any fish requiring instant and effortless point penetration. Fastgrip's Penetration Power is 15% Superior to that of an Ordinary Point, Offset, Turned Up Eye, Forged, Vandium Steel, Three Microbarb Point
VMC Fastgrip Wide Worm
Features 3 micro barbs penetrate faster than ordinary points. Vanadium steel.
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Designed specifically for finesse techniques, and especially effective with a neko rig, the VMC Finesse Neko Hooks provide enhanced performance that capitalizes on faint bites and finicky fish. Engineered with a 3-degree offset point for a better hook up rate, the VMC Finesse Neko Hook features an adjustable fluorocarbon keeper that secures the thinnest and softest baits in place. Complete with a resin-sealed eye for increased peace of mind while fighting big fish, the VMC Finesse Neko hooks offer finesse specific performance that allows anglers to capitalize on light bites and finicky fish.
VMC Flippin' Hook
Double spikes baitholder. Snelled and standard rigs. Resin closed eye.
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VMC Glow Resin Treble Hooks are made with durable epoxy resin infused with glow-in-the-dark coloring that stays charged for up to 15 minutes. Durable high-carbon steel construction with a black-nickel finish offers long-lasting performance, and sharp Cut Point Tips provide rock-solid hook sets. Great for using with spoons and lures.
VMC Heavy Duty Flippin' Hook
Double spikes baitholder. Snelled and standard rigs. Resin closed eye. Strong enough for braided or heavy monofilament line In thick cover.
VMC Heavy Duty Swimbait Hook
Tapered locking spring. Extra wide gap. Easily add or remove bait without damage.
VMC Heavy Duty Weighted Swimbait Hook
Multi-Position adjustable weight. Adjust the weight position on the shank to achieve different swimming actions. Extra wide gap. Tapered locking spring securely holds bait in place cast after cast. Easily add or remove bait without damage
VMC Heavy Duty Wide Gap Hook
Offset point. Resin closed eye. For tough situations, it has the strength for use with heavy equipment.
VMC Neko Hook
Designed by the 2006 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Michael Iaconelli, the VMC Ike Approved Neko is built specifically for the finesse technique of neko-rigging. Forged with a three-degree offset for an improved hook-up ratio, the VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook features a long shank and a wide-gap that imparts the ideal vertical posture. Finished with a resin-sealed eye for increased dependability, the VMC Ike Approved Neko Hook delivers professionally modified performance that finesses anglers can count-on.
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Providing a fuller range of motion and a more natural presentation, the VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hooks offers enhanced performance that pairs with a wide-range of techniques. Whether you're Texas-rigging soft stick baits or creating your own jika-style rigs, the VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hook's welded stainless steel ring enhances the action of baits and eliminates the possibility of fish using the hook as leverage to spit the bait. Complete with a 3-degree offset point for better hook sets, the VMC Ringed Wide Gap Hooks deliver high-quality, innovative design that should be a staple in every anglers terminal tackle assortment.
VMC Round Bend 1X Treble Hook
Round bend, barbless. Bronzed. Packed 40 each.
VMC Round Bend Treble Hook
Made of lightweight heavy-duty forged vanadium® steel, VMC's Round-Bend Treble Hooks withstand hit after hit. Chemically sharpened Cone Cut® points provide extremely fast, rock-solid hooksets.
VMC Round Bend Treble Short Shank Hook
Designed for hardbait applications, the VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble Hooks increase the hook size of your baits while maintaining a compact profile in the water. The short shank design won't foul as much, helping you get away with using a bigger hook around cover. Strong and reliable, these VMC Short Shank Treble hooks are 1X strong, eliminating flex for more solid hook sets. Constructed from hi-carbon steel for exceptional durability, these Super Sharp cutting points will keep fish pinned.
VMC Round Hook Treble Hook
X-strong VMC tin red round bend hook, is the traditional but finest versatile hook in the sport. With it's maximum strength, sharpness, and wide range of sizes, your sure to find the right hook for your lure, without compromising the action or the sport.
VMC Spindrift Hook
VMC Spindrift Hooks feature an integrated swivel to hook system. These hooks have a built-in stainless steel swivel which reduces line twists by enabling rotation, even at very low speeds. These hooks have a technical bend, designed for increased hooking rates while trolling, drifting, Carolina rigging, and split shot rigging.
VMC Spinshot Drop Shot Hook
Completely eliminate the line twist that has long plagued drop shot rigs, while also improving the action of your baits, and improving hooksets. By incorporating a light, but super strong, high-carbon steel spinning system into their premium 7119 drop shot hook, the VMC Spin Shot guarantees 100% free rotation and mobility of the hook with any size bait. The unique wire structure of the Spin Shot also not only transfers, but increases the energy transferred to the hook point during hookset. Crafted from Vanadium steel with a sticky sharp VMC Spark Point.
VMC Spinshot Hook
SpinShot® System Eliminates Line Twist. Offset Point. Features Award-Winning SpinShot® Technology Eliminating. Line Twist And Providing A Natural Presentation.
VMC Spinshot Neko Hook
Designed and certified by Bassmaster Elite Series standout Michael Ike Iaconelli, the VMC Ike Approved Spinshot Neko Hook delivers increased performance for neko-rigging soft plastics. Especially effective when dropshotting, the VMC Ike Approved Spinshot Neko Hook features a premium swivel and a line clamp, which eliminates line twists and makes it easy to adjust your weight. Backed by a super-sharp offset hook point, the VMC Ike Approved Spinshot Neko Hook delivers lightning-fast hook sets, whether you're targeting finicky spotted bass or trophy largemouth. Covered in a black-nickel coloring for increased stealth, the VMC Ike Approved Spinshot Neko Hook puts an innovative twist on neko-rigging soft plastics.
VMC SureSet Drop Shot Hook
The VMC SureSet Drop Shot Hooks are available in smaller sizes ideal for drop shot rigging. The hooks are also lightweight and extra bend-resistant for live bait rigging. Forged from Vanadium Steel - the same material used for hard wearing Formula-1 engine parts - the VMC SureSet Drop Shot Hooks are super strong, and also equipped with Needle Cone Points for maximum fish penetration.
VMC Trailer Hook
Simply insert the point of your spinnerbait or buzzbait hook into the Trailer Hook's pre-assembled surgical tubing, which is surrounding its extra large eye, and you are ready to go. You can also remove the tubing if you want your the Trailer Hook to have unrestricted movement. Incredibly sharp, the VMC "Ike Approved" Trailer Hooks are the product of 200 years of hook making experience combined with decades of tournament experience.
VMC Wacky Hook
$4.49 - $15.99
Extra wide gap. Turned down eye. Resin closed eye. Wider bite area plus round shape for easy wacky worm rigging.
VMC Weedless Neko Hook
With the VMC® Weedless Neko Hook, you're now free to fish Neko or wacky rig in places you'd never dare to try before. Crafted specifically for these deadly finesse techniques, the VMC Weedless Neko Hook comes equipped with a fluorocarbon weedguard that allows stealthy presentations deep into fish-holding cover. The hook's flattened wide-gap design makes skin-hooking and O-ringing easy; the resin-closed eye and longer shank provide just the right action for your favorite finesse softbait. Forged for maximum strength; offset point helps you drive the barb home with authority.
VMC Wide Gap Hook
$4.99 - $18.49
Offset Point. Resin Closed Eye. Perfect For Texas And Carolina Rigs. Designed For All Light To Medium Weight Lines. Black Nickel in color.
VMC Wide Gap Worm Hook
Holds any soft plastic in place. Forged. Vanadium® Steel.
VMC Worm Hook
$5.09 - $18.49
Extra wide gap. Turned down eye. Resin closed eye. Wider bite area plus round shape for easy wacky worm rigging.
Tru-Turn 24KT Gold Aberdeen Hook
Aberdeen design, ringed eye, spear point, medium wire. 24K gold finish. Perfect for panfish, walleye, perch, and trout. 12 recloseable bags per carton.
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