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Bulk Hooks-Single Shank

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Circle Hook
Wide Gap, Up Eye, Forged Point, Non-Offset
Eagle Claw 186 Baitholder Hook
$1.89 - $27.99
2 slices, forged, offset, ringed eye.
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$16.99 - $17.99
Baitholder offset hook with ringed eye and two slices on the shank to keep bait firmly on the hook. Eagle Claw® point penetrates quickly. These forged hooks are strong enough to handle the most demanding conditions. Made in the USA.
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$8.69 - $16.49
Kahle pattern has a sharp point, a design that won't let fish slide off the hook, and minimizes damage to the fish when you remove it. It makes a great shiner hook. Hook has a ring eye, offset bend and is Lazer Sharp®. Made in USA.
Eagle Claw Jig Hook
$13.49 - $15.49
Forged, non-offset, 90° leg.
Eagle Claw 214 Aberdeen Hook
$2.49 - $10.49
Classic aberdeen, non-offset, ringed eye light wire.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Offset Baitholder CIrcle Hook
This light wire, Circle Sea hook delivers superior hooksets and will not let fish slide off the hook. Circle hooks catch 60% more fish than traditional designs and offer more holding power. Ringed eye. Lazer Sharp needle tips penetrate quickly, while the forged points are strong enough to handle the most demanding conditions.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Painted Octopus Hook
$4.99 - $9.39
The Eagle Claw® Lazer Sharp® Octopus Hook is the ideal choice for tying up live bait rigs and spinner harnesses. Made of high-strength forged wire, with an offset needlepoint and turned-up eye, the L2 Octopus Hook creates perfect alignment for snell knots. Painted finish comes in proven walleye colors; finish does not cover the point or affect the hookset. Long shank.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Baitholder Hook
$2.89 - $5.89
4 slices, forged, offset, down eye.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Hook
Forged offset, ringed eye, 95% lip hook rate, Lazer Sharp®, Sea Guard?, saltwater package.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Kahle Offset Hook
$2.29 - $4.39
Plain shank, non-forged, offset, ringed eye, Lazer Sharp®.
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