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Fishing Lures

Wordens Rooster Tail® PDQ Kits
Preloaded Hanging Display. Contains 72 piece Rooster Tail Assortment Kit. Six each of 12 finishes.
Joe Bucher Outdoors Topraider
$32.99 - $203.94
This single rotating lure is the number one topwater bait on the market. It is perfectly balanced, has a very nice plop plop sound and comes with a shrink tube tail hook. The TopRaider can be retrieved at a slow or fast pace.
Storm FlatStick
$22.99 - $91.96
Larger body volume allows the bait to swim this bait to swim with the power of a much longer and heavier bait. Loud deep rattle. The flat sides make this bait swim with a wide wobble and tones of flash. VMC® Black Nickel treble hooks. UV Bright finish reflects more light energy strengthening the lure's visibility. Runs 1.5' - 8'.
No Image
$7.89 - $78.90
K&E Cork Panfish Popper
$26.28 - $78.84
The most durable cork popper available.
Mepps C5MXHFT Comet Mino In-Line
Comet Mino In-Line Spinner 13/16oz hot fire tiger
K&E Floating Spider
$21.48 - $64.44
Made of strong rubber, this is the most popular and durable spider on the market. A non-slip triple tied spider with eight wiggly rubber legs.
Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Glow Spinner
$50.94 - $56.94
45 degree Mid depth blade runs 2 feet to 4 feet. The patented two-part body emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes while virtually eliminating line twist. The matching glow-in-the-dark color on the bell & skirt adds attraction that fish can't ignore.
Reef Runner Deep Little Ripper
$9.19 - $56.34
The Deep Little Ripper has a incredible darting action as it dives deeper than the Little Ripper. It wobbles wider and stays deeper than any other minnow bait in it's class. The curved body and "V-bill" make it nearly neutral buoyant.
Reef Runner Ripstick
$9.39 - $56.34
The Reef Runner 700 Series Ripstick is a popular casting and trolling lure. All of Reef Runner's crankbaits are designed, tested, handcrafted and painted in the USA. The Ripstick is a rattling minnow imitator designed to deliver a wide erratic swimming action.
Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Foxtail Spinner
$7.79 - $52.14
The Classic Vibrax features a patented two-part body which emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes. Has a 45° mid-depth blade that runs at two to four feet.
Betts Frugal Frog?
The brilliant red cup mouth, accented with true life frog colors, makes an interesting meal. Cork body cemented on Mustad® hook.
Lethal Weapon Lethal Blade
The Lethal Weapon Lethal Blade is a blade bait with a highly attractive vibrating action. Used for casting, jigging, or slow trolling the Lethal Blade will catch the eyes of walleye, saugeye, both large and small mouth bass, white bass, pike and panfish.
Road Runner Awesome Walleye Runner Jig
$8.29 - $49.74
One of the winningest pros ever on the Walleye circuits, Tommy Skarlis has teamed up with Road Runner to make the first underspin lure ever for walleye! Holographic Finish, 3D Eyes, 4/0 Hook, Nickel Willows #3, and Button-Tail Shad Bodies.Comes rigged with one spare body.
Erie Dearie Original Spinner
$4.09 - $49.08
This simple but incredibly effective lure has been tested in lakes, streams and impoundments under the toughest walleye and sauger fishing conditions. And under the toughest, most competitive conditions. It's a proven winner. 12 per card.
Docs Sponge Rigs
Tied with extra strong high performance, 20 lb. monofilament line, size 6 VMC hooks and tough rubber sponge. 4 per peg board card.
K&E Worm Rival Spin Rigged Worm
The Rival Spin is assembled with a small propeller blade on the leader for added attraction.
Betts Fat Gnat
A sharp trimmed small cork body with natural action. Cork body cemented on Mustad® hook.
Joe Bucher Outdoors Super Topraider
This topwater lure is built with two rotating props for extra noise and commotion of the water. Cast it out with a steady retrieve and hold on.
Mepps Killer® Kits
$28.99 - $42.99
Takes the guesswork out of fishing. Each kit is clearly labeled for a specific species of fish. 6 plain spinners. Assorted colors. Makes a great gift. 1 Kit- 6 per pack.
Musky Mayhem Double Cowgirl
The Double Cowgirl is sure to be a classic big fish lure. It is truly something different for in-line spinners. The huge spinner blades create a tremendous vibration in the water. Flashabou skirting gives it color, lifelike action and a huge profile, making it the best baitfish simulating inline spinner on the market today. Two 7/0 Mustad hooks give it an excellent hooking percentage, so you are sure to catch the big one. Two 7/0 Mustad Hooks 2.8 oz 10? Long Two #10 Magnum Blades.
Spro BBZ-1 Rat
$27.99 - $41.99
The BBZ-1 Rat was designed by Pro Angler Bill Siemantel. The BBZ-1 Rat is for those larger predator fish that every angler is looking for. It entices surface strikes by triggering the instinctive reaction that those larger fish are looking for. The BBZ-1 Rat can be worked in several ways you can bulge it, v-wake it, walk the dog, pop it or you name it! The BBZ-1 Rat comes with sticky sharp Gamakatsu Treble hooks and fish-catching colors.
Betts Hot Pop?
Extra good quality popper with painted eyes. Cork body cemented on Mustad® hook. Extra gloss and finish. Red blush on face and bottom.
K&E Worm Rival Rigged Worm
The Worm Rival is a hand tied, scented worm with one number 10 hook in the tail and one number 8 hook in the front of the body.
K&E Pinkies
Lead head and bucktail design. Darting action. 24 per card.
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