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Bait, Eggs & Pork Rind

Magic Bait Dinner Bell Chum
Semi-moist. Ready to use.
Magic Bait Premo Super Sticky Dip Bait
Tournament strength in a 20 ounce wide mouth plastic jar.
Magic Bait Blood Bait
Attractive scent-proof bag. Prepared dough, non-refrigerated. For rod and reel, cane pole, limbline, jug fishing, and trotlines. 10 ounce bag.
Magic Bait Catfish Bait
Cube shaped, prepared dough bait is packed in 10 ounce scent-proof bags that are ready for peg-board display. CSI is
Magic Bait Great Scott Cheese
Prepared catfish dough. For rod and reel, cane pole, jug fishing & trot lines.
Magic Bait Whopper Fish
Shad and fish-flavored prepared dough catfish bait. Non-refrigerated for rod and reel, cane pole, limblines, jug fishing, or trot lines. Works great on yo-yo's. 10 ounce scent-proof bag.
Magic Bait Hog Wild Dip & Sponge Bait
Enhances All catfish bait. Sponge bait - dip bait. Non-refrigerated. 10 ounce jar.
Magic Bait Carp Bait
Tournament strength. Works in cold or warm water. 3 ounce Ziplock scent proof bag. Ready for the hook.
Magic Bait Hog Wild Bait Dipper
The soft mesh netting is easy to load and holds a lot of bait. 2 Pack. Easy to load Soft mesh netting Includes sponge-type material and hooks Leader line attached Made in the USA
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