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Hollow Body Frogs & Lures

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Teckel Adrenaline Bug
$6.49 - $17.49

The extremely versatile 4" Adrenaline Bug is designed to provide a great creature bait presentation that bass love! The soft, body and floating claws make this bait irresistible to bass. Once they feel this soft bait in their mouth - they will not let go. The specialized plastic, super fine salt… [more]

Spro Bronzeye Frog 65

The Bronzeye Frog 65 the award-winning frog that raised the bar for frog fishing was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. The Bronzeye Frog 65 is the perfect size, style and is designed to cast long distances to be fished in heavy cover or in open water. The Bronzeye Frog 65 comes… [more]

Spro Bronzeye Pop 50
$11.49 - $13.49

The Bronzeye Pop 50 was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. With the Bronzeye Pop 50 you can walk the dog, pop it, chug it or dead stick it to catch those finicky bass. This smaller version of the Bronzeye Pop 60 still casts like a rocket and is weighted to land upright every time.… [more]

Spro Bronzeye Pop 60

The Bronzeye Pop 60 was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. Now you can own and fish the same lure that Dean Rojas used to win the BASS Elite Series tournament at Lake Oneida! The Bronzeye Pop 60 was designed to attract bass out of the thickest cover with its loud popping sound.The… [more]

Spro Bronzeye Spit Shad 60

The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 was built to have a spitting and gliding action unlike any other hollow body weedless bait."The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 can be fished in areas where you could never dream of throwing a hard… [more]

LiveTarget Mouse Hollow Body Topwater Lure
$11.99 - $12.99

The hollow body of Floating Mouse is the perfect choice for fishing over weed choked areas. The weed less design allows it to be worked over the cover without hanging up. [more]

LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body

Whether you skitter it over milfoil and hydrilla mats, skip it up under docks and overhanging trees or "walk-the-sunfish" it around shoreline reeds, through lily pad fields or next to river laydowns, these incredibly life like and realistic topwater hollow body bluegills and pumpkinseed… [more]

Terminator Popping Frog

Topwater fanatics, get ready for action. The Popping Frog with its cupped face will create a loud, strong pop that drives fish crazy. Custom designed weight is shaped and positioned to stay out of the way of the hook. This design creates a responsive, easy to impart, walking action. Extra-wide hook… [more]

LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog

This frog features an anatomically correct shape for the body including lifelike molded legs on the belly of the bait and a large eye. But the best feature is the custom hook they've made. The soft rubber body is going to collapse easily on the hookset and that hook is going to stick em. [more]

LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog Popper

Personally designed as a Signature Series product by LIVETARGET Pro Angler and TV personality Scott Martin, the Hollow Body Frog Popper will soon become a favorite to the seasoned top water angler. The narrow profile and cupped face make this bait easy to walk across the surface, creating a… [more]

Strike King KVD Sexy Frog
$11.49 - $11.99

Features a fully sealed nose to minimize water entry and a free floating rattle for excellent sound emission. This bait was designed and approved by Kevin VanDam for open water and heavy cover applications. It's the perfect bait for great topwater frog action! [more]

Snag Proof Moss Master Tournament Frog

Designed by the pros, this is the frog for trophy bass. Specially weighted for more accurate casting, it sits in the water like real frog. Silicone coated rubber skirt has colorful action with no matting or melting. Built-in rattle. Knife-edge double hook. 100% weedless and very effective. Each has… [more]

Booyah Toadrunner

The BOOYAH┬« ToadRunner Soft Bait features a rotating 360┬░ rotating tail that creates a plopping sound with a molded-in wire that allows you to bend the tail to change the motion and sound. A modified Pad Crasher body helps planing and keeps the bait upright, while the legs stabilize and balance the… [more]

Lunkerhunt Combat Frog

The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is the most life like frog currently available in the industry. The Lunker Frog replicates an adult frog and has swimming legs that extend during the retrieve and retract on the pause. At rest the Lunker Frog is 2.5 inches and will extends to 4.5 inches on the retrieve.… [more]

Lunkerhunt PROPF01 Prop Frog, 3

Prop Frog, 3 1/2", 1/2oz - Green tea [more]

Lunkerhunt PROPF02 Prop Frog, 3

Prop Frog, 3 1/2", 1/2oz - Leopard [more]

Lunkerhunt PROPF03 Prop Frog, 3

Prop Frog, 3 1/2", 1/2oz - Croaker [more]

Lunkerhunt PROPF04 Prop Frog, 3

Prop Frog, 3 1/2", 1/2oz - Rocky Toad [more]

Lunkerhunt PROPF05 Prop Frog, 3

Prop Frog, 3 1/2", 1/2oz - Pearl [more]

Lunkerhunt PROPF06 Prop Frog, 3

Prop Frog, 3 1/2", 1/2oz - Texas Toad [more]

Lunkerhunt SHADPRF01 Shad Propfish

Shad Propfish - Threadfin [more]

Lunkerhunt SHADPRF02 Shad Propfish

Shad Propfish - Gizzard [more]

Lunkerhunt SHADPRF03 Shad Propfish

Shad Propfish - Golden Shiner [more]

Lunkerhunt SHADPRF04 Shad Propfish

Shad Propfish - Perch [more]

Lunkerhunt SHADPRF05 Shad Propfish

Shad Propfish - Ghost [more]

Lunkerhunt SHADPRF06 Shad Propfish

Shad Propfish - Stealth [more]

Lunkerhunt SUNPRF01 Sunfish

Sunfish Propfish - Blue Gill [more]

Lunkerhunt SUNPRF02 Sunfish

Sunfish Propfish - Crappie [more]

Lunkerhunt SUNPRF03 Sunfish

Sunfish Propfish - Pumpkin seed [more]

Lunkerhunt SUNPRF04 Sunfish

Sunfish Propfish - Green Sunfish [more]

77 Results
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