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Built with a custom wire weedguard engineered to prevent fouling or snagging when pulled through vegetation, wood, or oyster shell while still allowing for easy hooksets, the new Weedless Eye Jighead features the same dual, conical trailer keepers and heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® hook that have made the other jigheads in the Eye Strike® family so popular. And of course, the oversized 3D eyes attract strikes like no other jighead, because Predators Strike the Eye!'
Kalin Ultimate Saltwater Bullet Jigs
$5.79 - $6.69
The Ultimate Saltwater Bullet Jig is designed to swim quicker allowing for a better retrieve. This jig is the "Ultimate" for saltwater corrosion resistance as the hook has a Black Nickel finish. Wide gap, super strong, super sharp hooks mean the "Ultimate" in hook design.
Kalin Ultimate Swimbait Jigs
$5.29 - $5.79
Kalin's Ultimate Swimbait Jig is made with a high quality black nickel hook finish so it will be resistant to concussion. Perfect balance yields the Ultimate horizontal fall. Wide gap, super strong, super sharp hooks mean the Ultimate in hook design. The size is marked on each jig head.
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