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Road Runner KIK-TSL Tommy Skarlis

Tommy Skarlis Awesome Walleye Runners Lures 9 Peg/27 Pack Display [more]

VMC Spin Jig
$6.19 - $37.14

The Spin Jig come equipped with a premium VMC® hook made from high carbon steel with a forged shank and a needle point. The jig has an exaggerated belly keel and premium ball bearing swivel that maximizes swim-and-spin actions. [more]

Eagle Claw Heavy Duty Ball Jighead
$24.45 - $29.45

Ball head, double eye. [more]

Eagle Claw Jig Ball Double Eye Assortment
$17.45 - $22.95

Great hooks for soft plastics or live bait. Get your bait to the bottom! 10 pack. [more]

Inhaler jwiygul
$8.89 - $16.99
Shur Strike Hot Ball Jig
$2.99 - $13.49

Round-head style jig with short shank blood red hook. UV glow red eyes and chip resistant finish. Extra eyelet to accommodate stinger hooks. Available in 5 or 25 pack. [more]

Shur Strike Round Head Jig - Red Hook
$11.99 - $13.49

Red hook and double eye design. Bright fish-catching colors with solid, two-tone, and multitone chip-resistant paint. UV glow red eyes. Sizes 1/16 - 3/8 oz available in 5 or 25 pack. [more]

Rapala Flat Jig
$11.99 - $12.99

At 80% heavier than a similar length Jigging Rap®, the Flat Jig performs incredibly in heavy current and deep water. Thanks to its flatter design it retains a gliding action, even in the most demanding conditions. Whether fished openwater or through the ice, the wide, flat minnow body profile has a… [more]

VMC Hammer Head Jig Kit

Integrates modern angling technology with premium hooks. VMC Dominator Series Jigs come in two hook versions, a heavier hook made with Vanadium® steel for bass and larger species and a light wire VMC Power Gap? hook which offers a larger hook gap for maximum exposure. The Power Gap is the… [more]

VMC UV Hammer Head Jig Kits

This versatile jig is built with dual line attachments and a premium VMC® short-shank, black-nickel-finished Power Gap? hook made of premium high-carbon steel. Use the second line attachment point to rig a trailer hook on this live-bait jig. Precisely balanced with 3-D holographic eyes. UV BRIGHT… [more]

Northland Mimic Minnow Fry
$11.34 - $11.94

The MIMIC MINNOW FRY® mimics a "young-of-the-year" baitfish minnow and is my favorite soft plastic to catch all panfish species. It sports a lifelike Baitfish-Image? minnow fry body, and features a flat "dolphin" shaped glider tail that darts and swims like a live minnow when jigged. Deadly for… [more]

Gamakatsu Skip Gap Jig Head

Based on the "Skip Gap" worm hook. Has the same unique bend that holds our bait securely to the hook. You'll have the confidence knowing that there are no oversized barbs that can tear apart a small finesse worm. [more]

Northland RZ Jighead
$4.09 - $11.49

The RZ Jig is a super premium series of ball head jigs, molded around first class black nickel hooks. It is painted with ultra durable neon tone color patterns that are coated with an optically brightened Ultra Violet coating. The red bullseye eyes glow, giving predator fish their desired target to… [more]

Northland dlobe
$3.99 - $10.99
Eagle Claw TroKar Pro-V Big Nasty Ball Head Jig

The surgically sharpened triple-ground point of Eagle Claw's TroKar Big Nasty Ball Head Jig requires little pressure to set, even in bony-mouthed predators. Built on a 60° cross-eye hook boasting their Pro-V bend that prevents fish from shaking loose. Tungsten heads with flat bottoms cause the bait… [more]

Owner Ultra Head Saltwater Bullet
$8.09 - $10.49

Classic saltwater jighead design, molded around an Owner 5319 forged XXX strong jig hook, with wide gap, Cutting Point? and black chrome finish. (Pocket packs only). [more]

Storm 360GT Searchbait Jig
$7.69 - $9.49

Rattling, weighted, life-like jig head perfectly matches the 360GT body for the ultimate natural presentation. Exclusive VMC® Coastal Black® hook has extended leg on line tie to further enhance action. 60° angle keeps lure swimming in the perfect position. [more]

Stanley Ribbit Double Take Hooks
$4.09 - $8.69

Two extra-long shanks and hooks are double trouble for big bass with an appetite for frogs, ensuring more and more secure-hooksets [more]

Kalin Rattlin' Google Eye Jig

The Google Eye Jig is the combination of sight and sound to trigger more bites in all water types! It's ShockwaveRattle System has been designed to call fish in and trigger a bite. Cast it, Jig it, Twist it, Rip it, or use a slow steady retrieve along the bottom to match the mood of the fish. The… [more]

Kalin Rattlin' Google Eye Live Bait Jig

The Google Eye Live Bait Jig creates the deadly combination of matching-the-hatch along with sight and sound to trigger aggresive strikes! It's Shockwave Rattle System has been designed to call fish in and trigger a bite. Cast it, Jig it, Twitch it, Rip it, or use a slow steady retrieve along the… [more]

Northland Float'N Jig Heads

The Float'n Jig is constructed from styrofoam for floating minnows, leeches and night crawlers up off the bottom. The jig is used with a sinker placed 2-5' ahead of the jig and three sizes allow fishermen to float nearly all sizes of live bait over weeds. [more]

VMC Swimbait Jig

The VMC® Swimbait Jigs add the final touch to the illusion of a live minnow. Designed to mimic a baitfish head, they feature flared gills,3D holographic eyes and a concave head that allows your swimbait to nest up tight to the jig. Equipped with a forged shank, hi-carbon steel, 1X strong hook and a… [more]

VMC Weedless Wacky Jig
$7.09 - $8.19

The VMC® "Ike Approved" Wacky Weedless Jig Head - featuring several key innovations that set it apart from other worm hooks on the market. Its hook point is offset by 3-degrees to greatly increase your hook up ratio, and it also features an extra wide gap that allows it to accommodate a wide… [more]

Shur Strike Round Head Jig - Bronze Hook
$2.99 - $7.99

Round jig heads with barbed collar and style 570 bronze hook. Heads feature chip resistant finish and UV glow red eyes with black pupil. Available in 10 or 25 pack. [more]

Z-Man TT Lures® NedlockZ? HD Jigheads

Designed specifically for Midwest finesse Ned Rig applications around heavy cover or high current areas that call for stouter tackle, TT Lures NedlockZ HD Jigheads are equipped with extra-heavy duty Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks that allow for heavier tackle and drag settings than standard Finesse… [more]

Owner Sled Head?

Molded around a strong, wide-bite riggin' style hook, all carefully balanced to ride in an optimum hook-setting position. Hook features a Super Needle Point and black chrome finish. [more]

Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig

Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jigs? are sticky sharp. Their patterns mimic baitfish closer than any other vertical jigs available. Work them aggressively for reaction strikes or slowly for feeding strikes. Straight Up Jigs catch fish under all types of fishing conditions. Commonly used for ice fishing,… [more]

139 Results
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