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Northland Mimic Minnow Spin
$3.49 - $20.34
A MIMIC MINNOW® paired with a weedless bladed wire form that flashes & flutters through weeds, brush & timber. Catches crappies, perch, walleyes, bass, pike, trout and other large predators. Cast or troll around fish-holding cover or structure, and in open water. Weedless, for use in vegetation, brush and timber. Vary retrieve or trolling speed with rod pumps, or allow lure to helicopter down into open pockets in cover.
Northland jstrumil
$4.29 - $16.14
Northland Mimic Minnow Fry
$11.34 - $11.94
The MIMIC MINNOW® is the country's hottest new soft plastic jigging bait! It fools fish like no other lure on the market today! Designed with a "stand-up" jighead, and Molded from plastic, it features a lifelike "holographic" Baitfish-Image® body that swims and wiggles to mimic gamefishes' favorite forage . . . a "soft & chewy" baitfish minnow! A Mustad® Needle-Point hook, 3-D molded eyes and highly reflective holographic "match-the-hatch" Baitfish-ImageTM patterns produce the illusion of live bait and fool em every time!
Northland jstrumil
$4.29 - $11.49
No Image
$3.99 - $10.99
Great for walleyes, bass, pike, trout and jumbo panfish. Offers the same fish-attracting metallic propeller as the original Whistler® Jig, plus a sleek head design and optically brightened, high-vis UV colors that excel in low-light conditions and stained or muddy water. Cast or jig. Tip with live bait or soft plastics like the IMPULSE® Smelt Minnow.
Northland High-Ball Floater
$4.09 - $8.29
Catches walleyes, bass, perch and trout. Tip with a leech, minnow or nightcrawler. Great for floating your bait where fish can see it over moss, weeds, rocks and other snaggy bottoms. Use with a small Roach® Walker sinker for slowly dragging bottom in shallow water. Change to a heavier weight in deeper water or to maintain bottom contact in windy conditions.
No Image
$4.19 - $8.19
Northland Sink'n Jig Head
$3.99 - $7.19
Available in sizes deadly on all gamefish. Tip with live bait such as minnows, leeches and nightcrawlers or soft-plastic grubs, minnows and worms. Bait-saving Bait-Collar on shank securely holds tippings. Cast and retrieve, vertically jig or suspend under a bobber (especially with live bait). Feature premium hooks, a Bait Saver collar, hot neon attractor colors and a DuraFinish coating for long lasting finish.
Northland jstrumil
$4.19 - $6.49
Northland Fire-Ball Jigs
$4.19 - $5.69
Features a specially designed "short-shank", wide gap hook that produces a compact, natural live bait presentation gamefish that can't resist. A patented "Double-Barb"? bait-holding sting'r hook nips and stings those short striking biters and gets them every time.
Northland Swivel-Head Jig
$4.49 - $4.79
Great for walleyes, bass and other gamefish. Rig with live bait or IMPULSE® soft plastics. Use for pitching, dragging and vertical jigging. Football head design rocks and rolls across bottom; flat underside raises bait's tail upward into natural position on the pause, imitating a feeding minnow.
Northland Gum-Drop Floater
$4.29 - $4.49
Constructed from foam and features a sleek elongated body, Mustad® Needle-Point hook and pliable rubber paint in all the hot attractor colors.
Northland Whistler Jig
$2.69 - $4.49
Deadly on perch, crappies, walleyes, pike, trout and bass. Dynamite in clear or moderately stained water. Tip with live bait such as half a crawler or a minnow, or soft-plastic trailers. Cast and flutter around weeds, rocks and wood. Also effective drifting, slow-trolling and vertical jigging.
Northland Whistler Neon Jig
$4.19 - $4.49
Catches jumbo panfish, walleyes, pike, trout and bass. High-visibility neon propeller blade colors are deadly in dark, stained and muddy water. Tip with live bait or soft-plastic trailers. Cast and flutter around weeds, rocks and wood. Also effective drifting, slow-trolling and vertical jigging.
Northland Firefly Jig
The ultimate ultralight. It is molded with blood red LIP-STICK® hooks and features genuine "neck-hackle" tail feathers in brilliant "fire-fly" attractor colors for a slow sinking, swimming action Perch, Bluegill, Crappie & Rock Bass simply can't resist.
Northland Gypsi Jigs
This jig is a tantalizing little teaser that catches panfish like crazy. It is molded with Eagle Claw Lazer-Sharp hooks, and tied with sparkling Crystal Flash tinsel. It's deadly around weeds and timber for perch, crappie, bluegill and trout.
Northland Unpainted Sink'n Jig Heads
The Unpainted Sink'n Jig Head is a lead weighted jig molded with an Eagle Claw® Lazer Sharp® hook. Features a special barbed bait collar that securely holds live bait and soft plastic trailers on the hook.
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