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Northland Impulse Rigged Mini Smelt
Mimics a young-of-the-year minnow fry to perfection. Sleek flat sided body is molded from soft plastic, sports a dolphin shaped Glider-Tail that darts, glides, jukes & jives on a free-fall. 2 Rigged & 3 Tails.Catches all types of panfish, including crappies, perch and sunfish. Effective year-round. ideal for vertical jigging with subtle jig strokes and free-fall maneuvers to maximize the bait's built-in darting, swimming and gliding abilities. Also fish below a bobber or casting bubble with darts, pulls and pauses.
Northland Slurpies Small Fry Jig
$3.59 - $4.39
Effective on crappies, sunfish, perch, bass and trout. Cast or jig around weeds, brush, docks and bridge pilings. Equally deadly fished on bottom or higher in the water column for suspended fish. Quiver rodtip to activate tentacles on tantalizing teaser tail.
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