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The standard setter any place big bass live, flipped to laydowns and grass, or Carolina rigged across a textbook point. In Texas and Mexico, the eight-inch lizard is a can't miss option for the bass of a lifetime, but that doesn't mean you should sleep on it when you fish anywhere else. This bulked-up package moves water, attracts fish from a distance, and aggravates the biggest bass around into biting. Salt impregnated.
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The Mini Lizard is a finesse option that packs a big punch, putting the worst enemy of a territorial fish in a compact package. Fish it on a downsized Texas rig, a shakey head, or even a Carolina rig when the bite gets tough, and don't forget about it when a big spawning sow turns up her nose at everything else. Great for spawning fish, shakey heads and downsized Carolina rigs. Salt-Impregnated. Size = 4".
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The 7? Culprit Water Dragon offers a new lizard option that you can be excited about! The Water Dragon has unique features to a lizard bait that will be a mainstay in many tackle boxes. A unique head and tail design top a list of features to help catch you fish! The Water Dragon is available in 12 colors and 8-count resealable bags.
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The best-selling lizard of all time attained that status for good reason. The six-inch size will catch the biggest fish in your lake, but it's also a limit-getter, perfect for just about every situation and every rig that you use for soft plastics. This lure may have caught more fish than any other in existence. Don't leave home without them.
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When the standard six-inch lizard is just a bit too big for finicky bass, the five-inch size may be the perfect compromise between a snack and a meal. Try it on a Texas rig, a Carolina rig, or even on the back of a flipping jig for a little bit of extra action. Great on Texas or Carolina rigs when the bass turn up their noses at conventional offerings. Salt impregnated. Size = 5".
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