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Designed by muskie guide Ty Sennett and made by Drifter, the Pacemaker is built to stand up to the most ferocious muskie strikes. Its solid-plastic body, through-wire construction, super-strong brass blade and three heavy-duty hooks are made for extreme punishment. For extra enticement, the middle hook produces a clicking sound as it hits against the rotating tail. Reel in at a medium speed for best results.
Musky Innovations Dyin'Dawg
Completely replaceable tail. Action of a dying fish with a tail that kicks on every pull or tap. Suspend with a very slow rise to entice neutral fish to strike.
Musky Innovations Mag Double Dawg
Two 7/0 Plasma Point Treble Hooks DOUBLE TAILS for: increased action, increased vibration, & more hang time. Side Fins for increased action, vibration, and movement Come alive in the water.
Musky Innovations Pro Bull Dawg
Pro Dawgs have a jointed harness for flexibility, but with the strength of solid wire. They move erratically with lots of belly flash, and pad printed patterns get fish to notice. Flexible clear coat protects the paint and keeps their 3-D eyes intact. Made with a durable high-end plastic to stand up to large game fish. Per each.
Musky Innovations Regular Double Dawg
Comes alive in the water with "MUST-SEE" action. DOUBLE TAILS for: increased action. increased vibration and more hang time
Musky Innovations Bull Dawg
The Bull Dawg is a 100% soft plastic lure. It is balanced with a jig head so it swims down at a 45 angle on the fall and swims horizontal on the retrieve. The Bull Dawg can be used as a crankbait, jerkbait or a jig. It is one of the most versatile lures on the market today. When retrieved, it rocks back and forth as the curly tail waves frantically, a combination that drives large gamefish crazy. The Bull Dawg literally comes alive in the water and feels so real that fish grab it and won't let go.
Northland jstrumil
$3.69 - $26.94
Savage Gear Hybrid Hard Pike Soft Tails
$16.49 - $25.99
Blurring the lines between a hard and soft lure, Savage Gear's Hybrid Pike boasts a hard body with soft tails to trigger strikes from muskie and pike. This lure is based on a 3D scan of a baby pike and features lifelike colours to ensure realism. Wire is attached to a swivel in the head so fish can freely twist with the bait without throwing it.Includes two switchable tail sections a paddle tail and a ribbon tail to give you two lures in one.
Westin HypoTeez HL/GB
Hypnotize them with HypoTeez. Named after the Latin name of the smelt (Hypomesus Olidus), this lovingly-hand painted little critter looks so like a real smelt its mother couldn't tell them apart. Cast it out and it starts swimming as soon as it hits the water. And as it wiggles past those monster perch and hungry zander, fixes them with its realistic fishy eyes and outstanding swimming action, they're going to be helpless to resist. Hand painted detailed colors
Berkley Gulp! Alive!® Jumbo Leech
Each bait has a natural presentation in action, scent and taste. Replaces live leeches for better durability and long lasting results. Floating formula offers buoyancy to its natural presentation in action, scent and taste. "Recharge" bait by placing used bait back in the attractant.
Berkley Gulp! Alive!® Minnow
$5.95 - $23.98
Each bait has a natural presentation in action, scent and taste. Replaces live minnows for better durability and long lasting results. "Recharge" bait by placing used bait back in the attractant.
Berkley Gulp!® Alive!? Leech
$5.95 - $23.98
Each leech bait has a natural presentation in action, scent and taste. "Recharge" bait by placing used bait back in the attractant. The Floating Jumbo leeches adds buoyancy to its natural presentation in action, scent and taste. They are more durable and longer lasting than live leeches.
Berkley Gulp!® Alive!? Minnow Grub
$19.95 - $23.98
Each bait has a natural presentation in action, scent and taste. Great on jigs, dropshot and live bait rigs. "Recharge" bait by placing used bait back in powerful GULP! Alive! attractant. (18 ounce bucket)
Berkley Gulp!® Alive!? Nemesis
Exclusive Gulp! Alive! scent and flavor. Water based scent dispersion. Minnow body with relentless fish calling tail action
Westin MonsterTeez RNR
This is the ultimate soft swimbait for muskies and monster pike. It comes all Rigged n' Ready. It's perfectly balanced with an interior weight, treble hooks and the option of choosing between using the front eyelet for fishing in shallow water or the top eyelet for deeper water. An interior magnet holds the rear treble in right position when casting and a small paddle tip at the end of the MonsterTeez curltail ads some extra vivid tail action.
Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Burbot
$15.49 - $20.99
Big Pike and Musky LOVE Burbot ! A Superb realistic burbot imitation that can be fished trolling or casting! 3D Scanned details and incredible swimming action will fool even the most vary predator fish to go for the kill! The detailed pectorial side fins move with erratic motion, and the tail eels super enticing at the same time just like a burbot swimming suspended midwater, even the small whisker under the chin, vibrates with micro movement as the lure glides thru the water. The inside harness is designed so the lure can either be rigged as a line thru, with an ABS line thru tube or with the fixed clip release rig, to ensure less lost fish and less damage to the lure, from the sharp teeth from the Pike and Musky during the fight. The Lure is balanced, so it swims, gliding forward and downwards with the perfect characteristic Burbot profile. From the small 25cm, to the perfect 36cm all-rounder and the giant 50cm this is your new magic tool to lure the giant Pike & Musky.
Westin Barry the Bass
Predator fishing really shouldn't be this easy! Tie this little beauty on your line and watch the water explode! Big Bass, Pike and Muskie just lose control when Barry struts his stuff past the reed beds, rattling his head and jiggling his back end like the most terrified of baby bass. The hybrid between a hard head and soft, durable body allows you to change tail-pieces to prolong his life, while the ultrasonic rattle balls concealed in the head attract the big boys from afar. The slim profile and deep-jointed body gives it a sexy-ass wiggle and powerful swimming action that makes it impossible to resist. Japanese-Style #1 carbon steel hook Running depth: 1-3m.
Berkley Gulp!® Alive!? Shrimp
GULP! Alive! assortments provide multiple colors or shapes in one 18 ounce bucket for convenience and trial. The most popular shapes and colors are offered in the assortments.
Mister Twister Meeny
$3.29 - $17.49
This is the original Curly Tail lure. A generation of fishermen have been catching record fish on the versatile Mister Twister Curly Tail. It can be rigged with jigheads as heavy as 3/8 oz. To fish deep, or with a spinner form to fish the mid-depths. With so many colors available, there's no reason anyone should not be fishing the original.
Westin HypoTeez RNR
$13.99 - $15.99
Rigged 'N Ready
Westin ShadTeez RNR
Rigged 'N Ready
Northland Mimic Minnow Tuff Tube
$13.14 - $15.54
A reliable fish-catcher for walleyes, bass, pike, trout and panfish. Conveniently pre-rigged on an appropriately sized Inner Tube Jig®. Perfect for a variety of presentations. Drag them on bottom, hover them in place, vertically jig them or hop and pop; the options are limited only by your imagination. Complete with Lifelike eyes and long lasting soft durable body.
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The adolescent body profile and anatomical details combined with the signature Oscillator creates the incredibly life-like Juvenile Pike. The Oscillator generates the natural swimming action of a young Pike, making it irresistible to adult Pike, Muskie and Largemouth Bass. Factory rigged with twin extra strong double hooks to maximize hook up ratios and provide better balance without having to re-tune frequently.
LiveTarget Yellow Perch Swimbait
$8.99 - $14.99
One of the most common forages in Northern and Canadian waters, the Yellow Perch Swimbait is going to be a hit with Bass and Walleye anglers. With a tight wiggle and medium-slow sink speed, it is ideally fished over weed tops and around structure. Drift, cast or slow troll it over shallow ambush points. Freshwater.
Westin HypoTeez ST
$6.79 - $13.99
Based on the hugely successful Westin Hypoteez, this new version of one of our most popular soft lures features an extremely lifelike, tight and erratic swimming action thanks, in part, to its extra inch in length. The lure can easily be fished close to the surface when shallow rigged, or right down in the depths with a jighead. Its impressively realistic fins and belly fins may fool you into thinking you're fishing livebait - and the predators too, they won't be able to resist.
Westin Ricky The Roach RNR
The short tail allows a smooth and slow glide through the water and the big shad tail offers a fast and erratic action. Perfected for jigging and casting for bigger predators like bass, zander and pike. Japanese-style #1 carbon steel hook / Single hook #10/0. Soft body with inside weight - Rigged ?N Ready to fish!
Zoom Floating Frog
$13.49 - $13.99
The Zoom Frog, the latest addition to our world-leading line of soft plastics. Zoom already had the category leading buzz frog in the form of the Zoom Horny Toad. The Horny Toad will remain the standard-setter for times when the perfect pitter-patter of ultra-vibe legs is demanded, but this new model provides more bulk and a more violent noise than any other bait of this kind. It has a unique sound to it, said FLW and Zoom pro Randy Haynes. It leaves bubbles behind it and you can buzz it on top or work it like a prop bait. Most importantly, the frog floats, so when a fish blows up on it you can leave it in the water and they'll come back and get it. Haynes is known as an offshore wizard, with six of his seven FLW Outdoors wins coming on the TVA system. Yet over the past year he's been secretly enjoying incredible success in skinnier water, most of it with the early prototypes of the new Zoom Frog.
Missile Baits MBDB45B-BLKR D Bomb
Missile Baits MBDB45B-BLKR D Bomb Creature Bait, 4.5", Black Red Flake, 25 per Bag
Missile Baits MBDB45B-BRF D Bomb
Missile Baits MBDB45B-BRF D Bomb Creature Bait, 4.5", Bruiser Flash, 25 per Bag
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