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Culprit Incredi-Bug
The Incredi-Bug is crafted from tough plastic that can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse from aggressive big bass, and it is also scented for added attraction. Offered in a range of custom colorways, the Culprit Incredi-Bug helps trigger a feeding response for those otherwise uninspired tournament-winning size bass.
Culprit Incredi-Frog
Introducing the new Culprit Incredi Frog. Measuring in at 4-inches in length, it delivers a incredible action as its legs kick wildly over mats and across the water's surface. Its dense body with tapered edges makes it heavier and more aerodynamic than other frogs on the market, allowing you to cast it further and reach areas other anglers can't. A convenient hook pocket helps keep it weedless, while also providing better hookups, and its ribbed belly also helps it get up and over vegetation for a smoother pull across the mats.
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