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The adolescent body profile and anatomical details combined with the signature Oscillator creates the incredibly life-like Juvenile Pike. The Oscillator generates the natural swimming action of a young Pike, making it irresistible to adult Pike, Muskie and Largemouth Bass. Factory rigged with twin extra strong double hooks to maximize hook up ratios and provide better balance without having to re-tune frequently.
LiveTarget Yellow Perch Swimbait
$8.99 - $14.99
One of the most common forages in Northern and Canadian waters, the Yellow Perch Swimbait is going to be a hit with Bass and Walleye anglers. With a tight wiggle and medium-slow sink speed, it is ideally fished over weed tops and around structure. Drift, cast or slow troll it over shallow ambush points. Freshwater.
LiveTarget Goby Paddle Tail
$11.99 - $12.49
Incredibly effective across the Great Lakes and Northern fisheries, the LIVETARGET Goby Paddle Tail Swimbait provides a lifelike Goby imitation that excels around smallmouth, walleye, and pike. Perfect for dragging along the bottom, the LIVETARGET Goby Paddle Tail Swimbait features an internal weighting system that keeps it down in the water column, while maintaining a lifelike appearance. Along the back, the LIVETARGET Goby Paddle Tail Swimbait features a hard-kicking paddle tail that comes to life on a slow drift. Offered in a range of lifelike goby patterns, the LIVETARGET Goby paddle Tail Swimbait provides multi-species attraction that is sure to become a staple among Northern anglers.
LiveTarget Goby Curly Tail
Prime forage throughout Northern fisheries and the Great Lakes, the goby is a well-known target for smallmouth, pike, and walleye, which is why LIVETARGET has developed the LIVETARGET Goby Single Tail Swimbait. Designed with an incredibly lifelike profile, the LIVETARGET Goby Single Tail Swimbait features an internal weighting that maintains its realism, while keeping it close to the bottom.At the rear, the LIVETARGET Goby Single Tail Swimbait is fitted with an oversized J-shaped tail that flickers and thumps, even with a super-slow drift. Equipped with a razor-sharp top hook, the LIVETARGET Goby Single Tail Swimbait delivers an unsurpassed Goby imitation that Northern anglers are sure to love.
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$10.99 - $11.99
Sunfish represent one of the most prolific forage species found in nearly all waterways throughout the USA and Canada; from lakes and rivers to ponds and reservoirs. Fish this lure anywhere Bluegills and Pumpkinseed live; around docks, through grass and weeds, over rock piles and into timber. The protected hook makes this bait easy to penetrate the jungle. The oscillator creates an incredibly life-like swimming action.
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Customize or refresh your LIVETARGET BaitBall Spinner Rig with the LIVETARGET BaitBall Spinner Rig Interchange Pack. The Interchange system makes it convenient to create your own color patterns and replace bodies. Each Interchange Pack contains three Teasers and two Targets. Select the Interchange System that matches your Spinner Rig frame size as noted by the red square size symbol: S, M, L on the package. This insures the replacement fish match the original frame.
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