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The shallow-running action of the BULL NOSE is deadly for kingfish, tarpon, bluefish, snook, redfish, trout, dorado, and more whether you cast and retrieve it or troll it sub-surface (1 to 2 feet). The lifelike baitfish profile and erratic action of the BULL NOSE combine with EBS Technology? to emit the actual biological sounds of croaker, mullet, and pinfish. Experience an EBS-powered Fish Catching Machine that's the first sub-surface saltwater lure to perfectly mimic both the natural sound and erratic swim action of the forage that saltwater predators feed on! EBS draws fish from double the distance of traditional lures. Built with 2mm wire through construction.
Livingston Lures Deep Impact
Livingston Lures' Deep Impact Crankbaits feature the action bass love and the sound they can't resist so your day goes better than planned. True-to-life colors attract and fool wary fish, while the wobbling action causes them to strike. Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS?) technology uses a smart chip to mimic the noise fleeing baitfish make, thus enticing hungry predators, even in cloudy water. Equipped with heavy-duty VMC® hooks.
Livingston Lures Howeller Dive Master
The HOWELLER DREAM MASTER CLASSIC is the crankbait that helped Team Livingston pro Randy Howell win the 2014 Bassmaster Classic! It's your ideal lure for targeting medium-depth structures in the 8- to 10-foot range. The Howeller DMC boasts a compact body that produces the perfect, wide wobble. Add the power of EBS Technology?, and you have a championship-winning crankbait that draws fish from double the distance of regular baits.
Livingston Lures Team Livingston FlatMaster Crankbait
The FLATMASTER is a flat-sided bait designed by Team Livingston pros who wanted a bait with EBS? Technology and a tighter action. It's built especially for tough fishing conditions when the water is a little cooler. The FlatMaster design combined with EBS gives you double the attraction distance of traditional fishing lures.
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The VOYAGER 15's strong wobble, elongated minnow-style body and quick-diving lip were created with mid-depth, high-speed trolling for tuna, kingfish, redfish, drum, snook, and more in mind. It can reach depths of up to 15 feet with a natural swim action that perfectly imitates baitfish. The Voyager 15's attraction radius in the mid-water column is enhanced with EBS Technology?, which emits the actual biological sounds of baitfish, like croaker, mullet, mackerel, and bunker. It's great for casting and retrieving when depth control to the 10- to 15-foot zone is critical. Use this Fish Catching Machine, to attract fish from double the distance of traditional lures. It's a must-have in your saltwater fishing arsenal. The Voyager 15 features 2mm wire-through construction and premium hooks.
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