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Eppinger Huskie Devle, Huskie Junior & Troll Devle
$14.49 - $21.99
Use Eppinger's heavy-duty Troll Devles, Huskie Juniors and Huskie Devles for catching trophy-sized lake trout, muskies and northern pike.
Eppinger Red Eye® Wiggler®
$10.49 - $12.49
The name says plenty about this lure's traits. it wiggles, it wobbles, but most of all it catches fish! The dual cut glass eyes capture and reflect available light, drawing the attention of predatory fish. The Wiggler is an asset for every angler.
Eppinger Dardevlets® & Dardevles®
$9.19 - $10.99
The classic Dardevle Spoon remains the one of the most popular and among the most effective all-around fishing lures on the market today. Cast or trolled, this spoon sports a unique wiggling-and-wobbling action that is absolutely irresistible to pike, walleye, bass, and all hungry other game fish species.
Eppinger Wiggler® Hammered
The Wiggler Spoons by Eppinger are crafted to perform. Only the very best materials and workmanship go into the making of these lures, guaranteeing you the best product available. Other companies have attempted to copy Eppinger's designs, but they can't compete with the genuine Wigglers. More world-record fish have been caught on Eppinger lures than on all the knock-offs put together. Plus, Eppinger is the only manufacturer to guarantee their paint for the life of the lure.
Eppinger Dardevle Imp Spoon
$7.99 - $8.89
Dynamite lightweight lure for bass, walleye, pike, and trout on spinning tackle.
Eppinger Red Eye® Spinning Wiggler®
Features swivel attachment and distinctive "wiggle action" fish can't resist. No matter what fish you are after there's a Wiggler® in the size and color to help you land a winner.
Eppinger Dardevles®
$5.29 - $6.59
Skeeters, Lil' Devles®, Midgets, and Spinnies are all casting lures.
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