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SW Plugs-Casting,Diving

Westin Danny The Duck
$13.99 - $22.99
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Actually, it is a bird? of the quacky variety. Danny the Duck is here and he's out to survive in a fish-eat-bird world. It's well known that pike, musky and bass all take a fancy to spring time ducklings when they get the chance and now you can offer that meal thanks to this impressive Westin lure that took a full two years to develop. It is designed to be fished very shallow and close to the surface and with the rod tip held high you can ensure he breaks the surface. The 'Westin roll' that Danny struts took a long time to perfect, but the end result is something very impressive.Japanese-style #1/0 carbon steel hooks. Running depth: 1,5-2m.
Rapala Minnow Rap®
A true testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the Rapala lure designers, the Minnow Rap® is a hybrid of the famed Original Floating® minnow profile and the renowned Shad Rap® action. Constructed of balsa with a tight, wobbling action. Choose from Classic patterns with clear lips or bleeding patterns with bleeding gills and deep red lip. Premium VMC® black nickel hooks on both, Hand-tuned and tank-tested for perfect action right out of the box.
Bomber 3 Pack Bomber
Pack of three great bomber lures
Bomber Jointed Magnum Long A?
Included in its impressive resume is the world record walleye and the Texas state-record stri. The true-running action of the legendary Long A with a little added muscle.
Bomber Long Shot
$8.69 - $10.99
The Bomber Saltwater Long Shot slender minnow bait was engineered to maximize four main characteristics that make up a fish-catching machine. It features an advanced casting system for super-long casts, heavy duty hardware and saltwater hooks, region-specific color patterns and a wide-wobbling swimming action that gamefish can't resist.
Bomber Magnum Long A?
Features a 350,000-modulus polycarbonate (pc logo) body set that boasts a tensile strength of 70 MPa (10,200 lbs/ square inch) and a puncture resistance factor of (1,200lbs of hydraulic force) designed to withstand the crushing power that toothy saltwater game fish can deliver. These lures possess the toughness of bulletproof glass, with the clarity and brilliance of fine crystal. Heavily equipped with 4/0 masteel Inline hooks, heavy-duty Saltwater Grade hangers and split rings. The Magnum Long A's realistic side-to-side action mimics a baitfish trying to flee, which drives predator game fish wild.
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