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Hunting Accessories

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Soft Sided Blind for Ground or Elevated (Tower Sold Separately or In Combos) Hunting. Insulated Fabric Walls. 72" X 72" x 85" Tall. Silent Zipper Window System with Sliding Mesh Backing. Attaches to Deluxe or Elite Towers. Zippered Door. Rubber Dampeners over Shooting Rail. Compatible with the Deluxe 5' Tower (BBT200).
Rivers Edge Landmark 600 Permanent Blind
LEAVE IT OUT. IT CAN TAKE IT! - Portable ground blinds take a beating from the sun, wind, rain and snow. Colors fade, materials rot, poles break and fabric tears. The Landmark Permanent Blind was designed and constructed to resist the elements year after year. The durable steel frame is covered in marine-grade reinforced synthetic tarpaulin, made from the same rugged materials used in pick-up truck tonneau covers. The new window configuration allows you to precisely control gap vertically, horizontally or both. If you're looking for an affordable year-round hunting blind with enough room for group hunts and archers, the Landmark Permanent Blind is for you. And, at over 7' tall and a 6' x 6' footprint there is noticeably more space.
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The revolutionary Primos® Double Bull Surround® View? 360° Blind is the Blind Without A Blind Spot?. It's constructed with exclusive one-way see-through walls that let you see all of your surroundings without being seen. Now you can spot all the movement you miss with traditional blinds, yet remain just as concealed. The SurroundView 360° comes with four one-way see through walls with one movable black out wall to place on any wall you choose, loaded with features like: Dimensions: 60 in x 60 in x 70 in; Weight: 23 lbs. w/bag; Silent slide closure; 180° full front shooting window; 5 shoot through ports; Legendary Double Bull materials and construction; TRUTH camo specifically designed to hide ground blinds in any terrain.
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$200.00 - $750.00
CuddeLink ? is a wireless network of cameras that transmit their images to one camera. The image collection camera is the HOME camera and the transmitting cameras are the REMOTE cameras. Not Wi-Fi, not cellular. CuddeLink is a private camera-to-camera network with no monthly fee! This camera can be a Home, Remote, or Repeater. Featuring an industry leading ? second trigger speed that captures the deer that so many other cameras would miss. Add Super-Fast Recovery Speed that is ready for the next picture within 1 second of taking the first, and the result is Cuddeback can capture 2 photos before many cameras can capture the first. And the pictures are incredible. 20MP images with stunning daylight color and black/white night images. On top of the performance, we added a ton of cool and innovative features, such as separate day/night delays, fully customizable time lapse and much more. CuddeLink Long Range IR- the ultimate in versatility and performance.
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$17.49 - $750.00
Genius?PTL (Pan, Tilt, Lock) Mount allows the trail camera to be mounted higher up and aimed as required. Left/right and up/down adjustments are quick and easy. Placing a trail camera higher in a tree is beneficial for many reasons: High placement improves illumination; Images from above can better reveal antlers; Creative camera angles provide artistic images; The camera is more concealed from animals and humans; Works with most trail cameras; Cuddeback cameras slide on and off and can be padlocked (padlock user supplied); Other trail cameras with a tripod socket use the included universal adapter. All metal rugged construction
Rivers Edge Landmark 10' 600 Tower
ELEVATE YOUR LANDMARK PERMANENT BLIND - With the Landmark 10' Tower, the Landmark Permanent Blind can be used in an elevated position for optimal vantages. It is constructed from sturdy, powder-coated steel. This tower meets industry standards recognized by the Treestand Manufacturer's Association. Features: 10' tower structure allows you to elevate your Landmark Permanent Blind. Large entry platform with hand rails allows for easier entry/exit of blind. 6' x 6' steel mesh platform is designed to easily attach your Landmark Permanent Blind. Built with larger steel tubing and X-bracing for a strength and stability. Ladder rung treads provide a slip-free climb. Includes leg stakes and anchor system.
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The all-metal wildlife directional feeder kit has been paired with an equally durable hopper. The result is the wildlife directional feeder. Its powder coating sheds weather and provides a slick, tapered surface that promotes feed flow. Legs with 17 height adjustment points each allow for a range of setup and leveling options. Ideal for deer or fish, the feeder has feet designed for field use or attachment to a dock using lag bolts. A 30-gallon capacity makes refilling less frequent. Included directional feeder kit has several design features for improved reliability, including a patented anti-clog design. Digital timer on Extendable cord makes programming convenient and easy. Varmint-proof feed chute has adjustable pitch and throws feed up to 45 feet in one direction.
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The revolutionary Primos® Double Bull Surround® View? 270° Blind is the Blind Without A Blind Spot?. It's constructed with exclusive one-way see-through walls that let you see all of your surroundings without being seen. Now you can spot all the movement you miss with traditional blinds, yet remain just as concealed. The SurroundView 270° comes with three one-way see through walls and one rear blackout wall, loaded with Double Bull features like: Dimensions: 55 in x 55 in x 70 in; Weight: 21 lbs. w/bag; 7 shoot-through ports; 3 max view openings; Legendary Double Bull materials and construction; TRUTH camo specifically designed to hide ground blinds in any terrain.
American Hunter KD Feeder With Digital Timer Kit
$479.99 - $579.99
6V and 12V compatible timer. LCD screen includes the days days of the week. Large stand-alone "test" button. 8 available daily feed times 1 to 30 seconds per feeding. Adjustable (low, med, high) motor speed control. Battery charge level icon Includes in-line fuse protection to help guard against power supply overloads. 12V motor. 3000 RPM. 1/4 drive shaft. Heavy duty metal housing with no blow slinger. Powder Coated galvanized metal. Built in funnel. Heavy Duty galvinized leg kit.
Duke Bear Traps
$339.99 - $549.99
Duke offers the most complete line of traditional, fully functional Bear Traps on the market. These traps feature cast steel jaws with serious teeth, cast pan and tempered long springs. Due to legal reasons, the Bear Traps are not recommended for use. However, if you are looking for a serious fixture to decorate your home, cabin or store, these traps will surely stir some excitement..
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The steel constructed Quad Quad-Pod Blind Kit measures 48 tall from the shooting rail. Padded, full surround 36 high shooting rail, steel floor, and 2 muddy Flex-Tek seats fit neatly underneath this roof, giving a standing height of 7'. Includes blind securing tie-downs and 4 zippered windows.
Rivers Edge Outpost Tower
The Trophy Tree Ladder climbing aid provides stable and quick ladder-style climbing, and with its stealth design, also offers more concealment. Four 5' sections stack easily for transport. 8.75" Wide. Welded tubular steel.
Millennium Double Ladder Stand 18'
Designed for two person hunting, our double ladder stands feature ComfortTech Seats, fully adjustable shooting rails and folding foot rests. The L220 is sure to follow the success of the L200 as a favorite for two person hunts. The L220 has all of the standard features of the L200, but with a platform that is twice as big as the L200 and fold-up ComfortTech Seats. The L200 and L220 are also height adjustable. Simply remove one or more of the ladder sections to customize your height from 7 to 18 feet.
Tinks #69 Doe-in-Rut®
$22.99 - $519.99
#1 Doe-P simulates a doe in the area attracting both buck and doe all season.
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The Distorter utilizes new Kick-Out technology to introduce a completely re-envisioned design with benefits both inside and outside the blind. The Kick-Out create a unique silhouette that blends in better than typical square blinds. 3D edge Releaf trim further aids the blind's concealability by breaking up hard lines with a Leafy texture. Step inside via the completely silent hinge door, and you'll never want to leave. The floor kick-outs provide ample storage space, and add extra room for bulky equipment like camera tripods - allowing you to get as close to the windows as possible. The dual roof kick-outs add height where you need it, perfect for bow-hunting or improved visibility from the standing position. All three wall kick-outs have an attached floor and sewn-in shelves to keep gear dry and at the ready. Realtree edge Camo. Shooting width: 72" height: 70 footprint: 104" x 84. Waterproof ground blind that will comfortably hunt 3 people. REALTREE EDGE? camo.
Summit The Hex Ladder Stand
You'll enjoy a broad view of your hunting grounds with the Summit Hex Tube Ladder Treestand. Built from aerospace-caliber hexagonal steel tubing with reinforcing Positive Lock connections, this stand delivers exceptional visibility. Its 20.5' height lets you see everything that's going on down below, while the padded, fixed shooting rail helps your aim stay true.
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The Deadwood? Stump kick-out blind. This is the most realistic portable tree stump blind you'll find on the market; its ability to mimic nature is undeniable. The addition of kick-out technology not only adds room and maneuverability inside the blind, it also contributes to the Deadwood's realistic shape outside the blind. Further improving cover, all shooting windows display a natural, organic shape that blends with the environment. The windows have more than just the right shape they have the right materials and functionality, too. Shoot directly through the replaceable shoot-through mesh, or adjust the silent window cover to customize your shot without making a sound. Finally, access the blind via the new hinged silent door for quick entry that retains your cover. All this combines to let you hunt your way without compromise. Includes Custom blind wrap, Tent stakes and Tie-down rope. REALTREE EDGE? camo.
Moultrie 25 Gallon Sprayer Boomless/Spot
With a heavy-duty polyethylene tank that's tough enough to stand up to harsh chemicals and repeated use, this higher-powered sprayer features a 10-foot boomless sprayer head with an on/off valve so you can easily cover tree rows, fence lines and ditches, no problem. A fully adjustable, 45-degree spray-tip nozzle and trigger lock enable continuous spraying while a pump strainer allows for easy cleaning afterward. A tank-drain valve compatible with garden hose threads lets you empty any unused contents into a storage container, minimizing waste. And a vented lid, industrial-grade hoses, and durable, corrosion-resistant plastic valves and fittings add to the sprayer's already-impressive utility.
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The Mantis 3 Ground Blind features a massive 48 square foot floor space area. This innovative three-hub blind features and interior slope design optimized to for multiple hunters.
Primos Alpha Dogg
Pre-loaded with six sets of Expert? Hunts calling sequences and 75 professionally recorded individual sounds, the Alpha Dogg lets the experts from Primos do the calling for you. Powerful, 180 rotating speakers with dual 25-watt amps for realistic, dynamic sound projection without distortion. Easy-to-use 200-yd. remote operates on three AA batteries (not included). Easy-to-read 2-1/2" full-color, high-resolution LCD screen. Game-changing configurable hot buttons let you pause all sounds, change to pre-defined volumes and sounds, recall previously played sounds and more. Holds up to 1,000 sounds on 2GB memory. USB port lets you download and store sounds and newly released Expert? Hunts. Speaker system operates on eight AA batteries (not included). Imported.
Spartan Camera Gocam
When it comes to wireless scouting cameras, cellular coverage is important. Since coverage varies greatly from location to location, being able to choose from a wide variety of carriers is critical. Spartan GoCam is proud to announce the addition of U.S. Cellular as our fourth major carrier to support the Spartan GoCam line of products. As with all Spartan GoCam models, the U.S. Cellular models feature industry-leading image access and remote camera management via our smartphone app or web portal. With the most coverage options and the best camera interface, Spartan GoCam is the smart choice in wireless scouting cameras.
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Comfortable Flex-tek seat with backrest. Padded armrests. Padded shooting rail. Amazingly wide & spacious foot platform. DXT oval tubing; strong, sturdy & easy to grip.
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Vertex 20' 2-Person Ladderstand with Tree-Lok System
Summit The Vine Double Hunter Ladder Stand
Featuring a ladder section with a curved design, the Summit The Vine 2-Person Ladder Treestand breaks up straight lines for maximum engineered concealment in the woods. You and a partner can stay comfortable throughout the day, thanks to the large, weather-resistant mesh seat and backrest, footrest and padded armrest, while the padded shooting rail helps keep your aim precise.
Millennium Single Ladder Stand
$309.99 - $449.99
Our single ladder stands are complete hunting packages. Designed for all day comfort, they are loaded with hunter friendly features. Both stands come equipped with ComfortTech Seats, fully adjustable shooting rails and folding foot rests. The L110 has all of the standard features of the L100, but possesses a larger platform and a fold-up ComfortTech Seat, making it ideal for standing shots with a gun or bow. The L100 and L110 are also height adjustable. Simply remove one or more of the ladder sections to customize your height from 8 to 21 feet.8 to 21 feet.
Moultrie Panaramic 180I Game Camera
Capture more than ever beforea full 180 degreeswith this all-new panoramic game camera. Boasting the unmatched performance and functionality Moultrie is known for, the Panoramic 180i features 14-megapixel image resolution, iNVISIBLE infrared illumination and no moving parts for completely silent surveillance, running on AA batteries for added convenience..
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The Blackhawk LTE continues with the ability to send texts, emails or both within the Covert Wireless mobile app and web-portal. The app includes guest access abilities and the power to retrieve high resolution images. The Blackhawk LTE sends instant pictures or 5 second videos using Verizon's approved cellular network. Reliability at its finest, Covert Scouting Cameras continues to revolutionize the wireless trail camera industry. FEATURES: Dimensions: 6in x 4.75 inx 3.5in; 12 Megapixels; 58° field of view; .65 second trigger speed; 60 No Glow LED's; 100 foot flash range; 12 AA batteries; Invisible flash technology; 1-10 turbo shot burst; Maximum Silence Image Capture?; Time/date/temp/moon phase stamp; 2 color viewer; Pipe through security; Up to 64GB SD card.
Muddy The Liberty
Padded, Flared-Out Shooting Rail for Extra Room. Adjustable Legs for Uneven Ground. 2x Detachable Gear Bags. Extremely Wide & Comfortable 360 Flex-Tek Seat.
Summit 180 Max Sd Climbing Treestand
Aluminum 6 Channel Platform Frame with new Dead Metal - Sound Deadening Technology. Extended Aluminum Seat / Climber Frame. Comfortable, Reversible Foam Seat with Backrest. 2 x Coated, Steel Climbing Cables. 4 Point FAS (harness) with safety strap and attached SRS strap. RapidClimb Stirrups. Wraparound Camo Pad. Camo Backpack Straps. Green Utility Strap. Stand Umbilical Rope. Written Instructions. Safety / Instructional DVD. Stand Weight: 23 lbs. Weight Limit: 350 lbs.
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