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Calls-Big Game

Primos Baffle Bugle? Elk Call
The Baffle Bugle allows you to precisely control volume while maintaining the high pitched bugles that bulls make. We put a baffle in the tube that opens for greater volume or closes for back pressure, so you can bugle those high pitched bugles with lower volume just like the bulls do. So if you want a bugle that growls, bugles, and chuckles with adjustable volume, then you want the Baffle Bugle. Features: Two Blue Snap-On Reeds; Camo Cover; Patented Support Shelf Mouth piece; Protective Rubber Cap; Single Lanyard; Baffle Bugle Hose with Bulb and Resonator End.
Primos Terminator? Elk System
The Terminator? Elk System was made for accurate and easy to duplicate elk sounds. The Terminator? can be used with any of our elk mouth diaphragm calls, but it especially works well with our Sound Plate? calls. It is excellent for bull elk glunking! This is the state-of-the-art design for reproducing accurate elk resonance and tone! Features: Resonator End duplicates an elk's voice chamber for accurate nasal elk tones; Patented Support Shelf? mouthpiece enables you to reproduce bugles and cow calls accurately and easily with little air pressure; Comes with patented Blue Snap-On? Reed that is long lasting, giving you perfect tension and tones every time; Protective cap also doubles as storage for extra Blue Snap-On? Reeds. Includes: Camo cover and Sling lanyard.
Primos Bullet Bugle? Elk Call
The Bullet Bugle? is a compact bugle built for the field that gets its design from thecompetitionstage. Its patented Support Shelf? mouthpiece enables you to reproduce accurate bugles and cow calls with variable tones. Features: Compact design allows for easy carry and variable sounds; Patented mouthpiece and Support Shelf? with Blue Reed; Soft flexible chamber allows for quiet and easy carry.
Primos Bull Horn? Elk Call
The Bull Horn? is easy, accurate, and super compact. Together the patented Support Shelf? mouthpiece and expandable hose of the Bull Horn? enable you to reproduce accurate bugles and cow calls with variable tones. The hose is also designed to expand from 7? to 24? for variable tones and compact carry.
Primos The Can?
"THE Original CAN®" is a unique call that has proven to be very successful in reproducing the mating bleats of estrus does. "THE Lil' CAN's®" introduction brought about an entirely different perspective on using bleats to call deer during the early season. This call reproduces the communication bleats that are so important in the deer's language. "THE GREAT BIG CAN®" reproduces the estrus bleats, just like "THE Original CAN®", only it's deeper, louder and longer for long range calling and windy days. Now, with the new louder and longer GREAT BIG CAN®, there are three calls in "THE CAN®" family, "THE Lil' CAN®" (early season calling), "THE Original CAN®" (all phases of the rut), and "THE GREAT BIG CAN®" (for long range calling and windy days during the rut).
Primos Super Pack Bugle? Elk Call
If what you need is a bugle that is compact and easy to carry but reproduces calf, cow and bull sounds then you can't go wrong with our Super Pack Bugle. You won't find a more realistic, easy-to-use, compact bugle. The Super Pack Bugle features the patented Blue Snap-On Reed and mouthpiece with Support Shelf. Features: Compact Bugle for easy Carry with Amplifier End; Produces Calf, Cow and Bull Sounds; Bugle Extends from 13 to 19.
Primos Revolver Grunt
Every deer call all wrapped up in one! Simple revolving dial design adjusts call for a fawn bleat, doe bleat, doe grunt, young buck or a mature buck grunt. Infinite adjustment capabilities. Soft touch body for quiet carry.
Primos Fightin' Horns
High-tech polymer gives these horns the same consistency and structure as real antlers. 14 contact points reproduce buck fighting sounds from light sparring to extra loud fights. Design gives hunters room to rattle without injury to hands.
Primos Hoochie® Mama Cow Elk Push Call
It's hard to master a sound you seldom hear, like the sounds of a cow elk. Well we've mastered it for you with the Hoochie® Mama cow elk push call. Just push the bellow for perfect cow elk sounds with that distinctive sliding note. A simple twist of the call lets you switch between mews, Lost? cow calls and Estrus? cow sounds. The Hoochie® Mama took more than 4 1/2 years to perfect. It took alot of time and advanced technology to build the components that would make this call foolproof. We don't like gimmicks and this Ain't No Gimmick. This is the real thing! Now anyone can reproduce the cow elk's language for that hunt of a lifetime, we guarantee it. 100% FREEZEPROOF.
Primos Rack-N-Roll?
Reproduces the sound of two Full Racks of mature bucks fighting. Easy one-handed use. Quiet to carry and easy to pack.
Primos Bottleneck Deer Grunt
Compact, Single Reed Deer Grunt. Mid-Tone deep grunts and ROAR's. Soft all-rubber design. Lanyard included.
Primos Little Big Roar
Reproduces aggressive buck grunts that you will most commonly hear during peak times of the rut. The Little BIG ROAR® has a hardwood barrel, and the resonating end is made from soft rubber that you can squeeze to manipulate the sound. Now you can reproduce the aggressive grunts that bucks make when their testosterone levels are through the roof with the Little BIG ROAR®. Wooden Barrel. Creates Aggressive.
Primos Hardwood Grunter
High quality hardwood. Expandable grunt tube changes tone of grunt or bleat. Fully adjustable reed assembly to produce six calls - from throaty to love-sick doe bleats. Includes lanyard.
Primos Power Buck & Doe
Inhale - exhale operation. Throaty grunts and clicking tones of aggressive bucks to estrus bleats and cries of does. Single and double reed options, all in one call. Dual reed assembly for inhale buck or doe and exhale buck or doe. Includes a built-in compass.
Primos Rut Roar
The Primos Rut Roar is our loudest most accurate grunt call. We built upon the Buck Roar our best deer grunt to date. First we redesigned the housing. Pushing to get every bit of accuracy we could to fool a deer's senses. We changed the angles of the call so that it cast the sound down when calling from treestands. The all rubber construction allows you to manipulate the call to be blown full volume (the Roar) to much lighter tending grunts without having to adjust the reed. _We increased the chamber size of the challenge wheeze to get increased volume and range out of it. And, we bettered the form fit to your arm so that the Rut Roar is always at the ready but out of the way. The Rut Roar is the best deer grunt on the market, period.
Primos Rubber Neck Grunter
With the push of a button, converts from a mature buck grunt to a young buck grunt or an estrus doe bleat. For the ultimate tone and volume control, just squeeze the megaphone end. You can use the call with the traditional lanyard around your neck or strap it to your right or left arm so your call is easily accessible at those critical moments.
Primos Buck Roar
The Buck ROAR reproduces a deep, resonating aggressive grunt that is made by bucks during the rut. Bucks make this aggressive grunt when they are trying to get an Estrus doe to stop or to warn other bucks to get away from the hot doe they are trailing. Now you can reproduce that aggressive grunt sound bucks make when their testosterone levels are through the roof.
Primos Hyper Lip® Double Elk Call
The Hyper LIP®Double with Tone Converter? makes calling elk easy. The Tone Converter? converts the locating calls of the Hyper LIP®into more subtle sounds that a matriarch cow uses when a bull has responded to her initial calls. This is important when trying to coax a bull in the last 100 yards. Removing the Tone Converter? allows louder calling when locating or calling bulls from longer distances. The Hyper LIP®Double with Tone Converter? takes all the guesswork out of calling bulls up close. Features: Open double-reed reproduces deeper, louder tones of the matriarch cow; Tone Converter? allows for more subtle matriarch cow calls.
Primos Hyper Lip® Single Elk Call
The Hyper LIP®Single with Tone Converter? makes calling in elk easy. The open single-reed reproduces the high pitches of cows and calves. Removing the Tone Converter? allows louder calling when locating or calling bulls from longer distances. The Hyper LIP®Single with Tone Converter? takes all the guesswork out of calling bulls up close. Features: Open single-reed achieves higher pitch of cows and calves. Tone Converter? produces mellow and softer tones so important for calling in those call-shy bulls.
Primos Big Buck? Bag
Big sounds come in a convenient compact size. Sound like small bucks sparring or reproduce a dominant buck fight. You can increase the volume of sound the bag makes by removing one or more of the Power Tines?. The camo net bag is compact, flexible, and 100% waterproof.
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Small in size but not in stature, the Mewie Grande? is a compact open reed call with an enhancer that produces phenomenal range in tone and volume. A little air pressure reproduces soft and mellow mews and chirps. Stronger air pressure reproduces loud and aggressive cow calls. No matter the situation, the little Mewie Grande can bring big bulls into range regardless of the distance. Features: Compact size; Enhancer allows soft to loud calling range; Easy to blow with little air pressure; Can also be used hands-free.
Primos Cow Girl? Elk Call
The Cow Girl? call is a "bite and blow" style call. A cow elk's call is characterized by a note, sliding from a high note to a low note. The Cow Girl? is one of the easiest ways to achieve the "sliding note" consistently. Squeeze the end of the Cow Girl? for realistic inflections and volume control.
Primos The Great Big Can?
Larger size for louder and Long-range Estrus Bleats?. Perfect for pre-rut, rut and post-rut hunting. Perfect for windy days and hunting wide-open fields
Primos Still Grunter
We created the Still Grunter because we wanted an accurate sound and a grunt call that was smaller than traditional calls. The Still Grunter is one of our favorites.
Primos Lil Shawty?
The Lil' Shawty? Hands Free Buck & Doe is an adjustable reed call. Time and time again you need a call that will allow you to call while keeping your hands on your gun or bow. Perfect choice for those close encounters.
Primos Hyper
100% freezeproof! Smaller for higher pitched bleats of young does. Perfect for early or late season hunting.
Primos Deer Bleat & Bawl?
Hunters just cannot believe how the bawl brings does charging in during the early season. This call also reproduces a short bleatandEstrus? bleat, perfect for all season hunting when you're after that big buck.
Primos Imperial Plate? Double Elk Call
The Sound Plate? automatically positions the call in your mouth at the right place and angle, making calling elk easier. The 30° angle of the Sound Plate?, the double-reed design and V cut in the bottom reed make the Imperial Plate? Double perfect for reproducing cow and herd bull sounds. The V cut also adds to the raspy sounds of the herd bull's growl, bugle, and chuckle. Features: Two thin latex reeds with V cut in bottom reed; Angle of the sound plate is set at 30 degrees; Reproduces raspy cow and herd bull sounds.
Primos Ivory Plate? Single Elk Call
The Sound Plate? automatically positions the call at precisely the right angle, which makes calling elk easier. The Ivory Plate? Single has a Sound Plate? set at 30°, which is perfect for cow, calf talk and satellite bullbugles. Features: One thin latex reed; 30? angle of sound plate; Reproduces cow, calf, and satellite bull sounds.
Primos Sentry Plate? Elk Diaphragm Call
The Sound Plate? automatically positions the call in your mouth at the right place and angle, making calling elk easier. The Sentry Plate? Single has a Sound Plate? set at 16 degrees, which is perfect for cow, calf talk and spike bull bugles. Features: One thin latex reed; 16? angle of Sound Plate; Reproduces cow, calf and spike bull sounds.
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