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Calls-Big Game

E.L.K. Wolf Howler
Produces lonesome howl, barks and whines.
E.L.K. Royal Bugle
Easily imitate any bull elk sound you here. From high pitch squeals to raspy, full rut bugles. Replacement bands are the "Hi-Pitch Power Bands." Protective cap, extra bands and lanyard included.
E.L.K. Elk Call Power Bugle
The "Power Bugle® "is the most powerful, realistic elk bugle. Because it is so easy to use, anyone can duplicate any elk sound: squeals, grunts, or the full rut bugles. If you're a serious elk bugler or just getting started, this is the call to use.
Produces a variety of sounds--jackrabbit distress, cottontail distress, prairie dog chirps, squeaks, and canine distress. Sliding cylinder allows for different settings. Open reed works great in cold weather. Works great for fox and bobcat calling. It was used in the how to video "Bustin' Coyotes".
Calling antelope is a new concept for hunting. It has been used in two Eastman Outdoors World videos, "Hunting Trophy Antelope" and the instructional video "How To Talk To The Antelope". Antelope make a variety of sounds. The two most important are the common language sound and the challenge sound. Both sounds can be reproduced with the "Antelope Talk" call. Whether you want them in close or just trying to stop them. The call will work.
The Original "Cow Talk®" call can stop a wounded bull elk giving you that 2nd and 3rd chance to shoot again. Bulls, cows and calves Communicate with each other year around. This is their language. A year around call for calling in bulls as well as cows. One end of the call can be tuned for calf sounds and the other for adult elk. The "Cow Talk®" call fits in your pocket and it is not necessary to use with a grunt tube.
This is the deer's language. Works on all species. Easy to use. A year around deer call. Fits in your pocket. Great for calling all predators.
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