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Calls-Misc & Accessories

Comes with a retractable lanyard, protective cap and two extra bands. Being designed from the famous "Power Bugle" elk call allowed us to use "Power Bands" for both calls.
E.L.K. Mini Grunt Tube
The "Mini Grunt Tube" is compact & quiet. Measuring only 9 inches in length, it will fit in your pocket when not in use. Being made of rubber, it quietly stretches to over three times its original length making the "Mini Grunt Tube" the most versatile grunt tube on the market. The "Mini Grunt Tube" fits both the "Power Bugle"&"Royal Bugle" calls or it can be used with any diaphragm call.
E.L.K. Grunt Tube With Camo Cover
The Grunt Tube has a smooth bore interior for better sound waves. The special cuff is for the "Larynx Bull Call" to fit into, and the elastic will hold the "Cow Talk Call" call. The Grunt Tube comes with camo cover.
E.L.K. Protective Power Cap
Fits the "Power Bugle" elk call. Protects the band on the call and has a storage area for extra bands.
E.L.K. Call Replacement Bands
$2.39 - $3.49
Replacement bands for the Cow Talk, Larynx Bull, Deer Talk, Turkey Talk, Antelope Talk, Hi-Pitch, Power Bugle, Royal Bugle and Deluxe Cow Talk calls.
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