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Primos Lil' Hot Box?
Get that gobbler fired up with a strike from the Lil' Hot Box?! You'll be blown away that a sound so crisp and clear could be made out of a box call that is so small. The Lil' Hot Box? is crafted from a solid piece of Mahogany and the paddle is made from a Custom Laminate wood that adds to the feel and sound of this call. If you have ever wanted a small box call that you could just grab and go, then the Lil' Hot Box? is the call for you. Features: Mahogany Box with Custom Laminate Lid & double-Sided Box.
Primos Turkey Starter Pack
This pack has everything you need to get started on your next turkey adventure. The Turkey Starter Pak includes a Sonic Dome Mouth Call, Sonic Dome Slate Call, Slim Striker and a double sided box call. This pack is excellent for beginners and advanced hunters.
Primos Bombshell® Turkey Call
Accurate, simple, bulletproof! The Primos® Bombshell? is the result of 3 years of prototyping, test and tweaking, in order to bring Turkey Hunters the best sounding, most versatile, simple to use Turkey Call we could make! Simply push the rail to automatically yelp, tap the rail to cut, and slowly press the rail to purr or whine. The Bombshell's? rail can be adjusted to tune the call for higher or raspier pitch. It can also be locked for quiet carry. In addition to all of this, the Bombshell? is designed to be mounted to your shotgun so you can call with very little motion to bring that gobbler in close!
Primos TAC Ops Friction Slate Call
The Primos Tac-Ops pot call offers turkey hunters a hand fitting ergonomic design as well as an all-weather surface that will allow you to call in a turkey no matter the condition. This call features an Anodized Aluminum Disc with an All Weather Striker developed specifically for the serious turkey hunter in mind. So if you're ready to take your hunting to the next level; get serious, get Tac-Ops.
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Early morning, late afternoon, or anytime there's nothing like an owl's hoot to get hard-to-spot turkey gobblin'. The new Primos Owl Crow is custom-crafted hardwood with built-in back pressure to give you greater control for a wider range of authentic sounds so you can locate 'em better, then lure 'em in closer. It's a classic call that gets the leg up on turkeys, so you can turn more of your hunts into classics.
Primos The Gobbler Shaker Call
Super loud and easy. Silencer cap eliminates unwanted sounds while moving through the woods. One or two handed operation. Great gobbler locator. Super loud gobbles.
Primos Wingbone Yelper
Reproduces soft to loud, unique yelps and clucks. Great locator, Call Kisser button allows for proper mouth placement every time.
Primos True Double? Call
The True Double? is part of our Piggy Back® series meaning it has a stacked double frame with one thin prophylactic reed in each frame, separated by 1/16, which doesn't allow the reeds to stick together. A very easy call to use, it produces turkey talk with a true turkey rasp and tone. It makes raspy yelps, clucks, cuts, and cackles.
Primos Sonic Dome? Single with Double Cut
Simple and dependable You're going to love the way this call works. The Sonic Dome® Series has been designed so the call is automatically positioned correctly in your mouth.The dome creates its own chamber for an incredibly consistent sound. Finally, a mouth call for everyone. These calls will do it all .Great young hen sound. One latex reed with Double Cut.
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