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The Acrylic Series Calls are made from acrylic cast rod and cut to precision. Then, these highly polished calls are finished off with a brushed aluminum band.
Duck Commander Classic Commander Duck Call
Built and tuned by hand since 1972, the Classic Commander is one of the original Duck Commander duck calls. With the insert made of Cedar wood and the barrel made of Poplar wood, this call houses the patented, friction-fit, double reed system and is easy to blow. We stand behind our calls and our commitment to the men and women who use them. The Duck Commander line of calls will meet all of the hunter's needs.
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Duck Commander's Tigerwood has a piercing high end for open water applications along with a soft, raspy low end for finishing. It features a rivited double reed and a Tigerwood barrel with a clear poly insert and aluminum black anodized band.
Primos Mean Mallard Double? Duck Call
The Mean Mallard?Double features Tone Ridges? and Tuning Ditches? on the sounding board which gives it the raspy highs and lows and keeps the call from sticking. Perfect for timber and open-water calling. Call them in for their Final Approach with The Mean Mallard?Double. Features: Double reed duck call; Machined aluminum collar.
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The U-Turn Has A Polyacrylic Barrel And A Polycarbonate Insert. Made And Designed For The Most Experienced Duck Caller To The Novice Caller. This Is A Great Open Water Call With A Lot Of Rasp And Body. It Has The Capability Of Grabbing A Duck'S Attention At Long Distances And Finish Them Off By Bringing Them Down A Dead End Flyway. Designed To Require A Small Amount Of Air To Get A True Duck Sound.
Primos Big Easy? Goose Flute Call
The Big Easy? is an irresistibly fun, vibrant and sassy honker. It is an easy-to-use, wooden, flute-style call which is very goosy. To keep the call from sticking, due to moisture, we have crafted it with the patented ditches on the sounding board. The patented reed system lets you take the call part for cleaning and put it back together correctly every time. The Big Easy? is the call to choose for producing the colorfully elegant calls of the Canada goose.
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Duck Commander's Pro Series Hi-Ball call has unmatched range that gets loud while also being soft enough to make perfect cadences for finishing on the quietest of days. The Hi-Ball call has a shortened poly barrel and reed combination requiring less air resulting in a great sounding call that is unexplainably easy to blow. Also, the poly call does not swell or shrink with the changing weather conditions of duck hunting. This call is great sounding and the most affordable call in the PRO Series lineup.
Duck Commander Camo Max Duck Call
The return of a camo call to the high performance line of Duck Commander calls, the Willie's camo max duck call delivers beautiful raspy Mallard Hen sound. Modeled after the popular and versatile Duck Picker, this durable, double reed call delivers results in all terrains. Combining the rugged look of the deep woods and with true ducky sound, Willie's camo max completes any true duck hunt.
Duck Commander Duck Picker Duck Call
This call is easy to blow and built for the hardcore hunter. Made from a Polycarbonate material, this call houses Phil's patented double reed system.
Big River Long Honker
These are the easiest blowing calls on the market. These calls perfectly capture the mellow tones of the Canadian Goose. Available in walnut with camouflage finishes.
Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call
The Triple Threat is made of Polycarbonate material and houses the triple reed system. This call is easy to blow and multi-functional. We stand behind our calls and our commitment to the men and women who use them. The Duck Commander line of calls will meet all of the hunter's needs.
Primos Honky Tonk? Goose Call
The Honky Tonk? is a short-reed call, which reproduces all of the sounds of Canada geese. This call is so easy to blow, you will be able to master it in no time. It enables you to call with minimal back pressure. To keep the call from sticking, due to moisture, we have crafted it with the patented ditches on the sounding board. The patented reed system lets you take the call part for cleaning and put it back together correctly every time. These quality characteristics make the Honky Tonk? a must for all goose hunters.
Faulks Duck Call
Natural tone desired for mallards. Camo finish preferred over the glossy finish.
Faulks Goose Call
MAX-4 Camo design, preferred by hunters over glossy finish. Tuned to call all species geese. Has been on the market for over 50 years, in clear plastic and wood parts. Very easy to blow and get results. Instruction included.
Primos P.H.A.T. Lady? Duck Call
The P.H.A.T. Lady? is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a large sound port designed for increased volume, which is ideal for open water conditions. The duck's know it's over when The P.H.A.T. Lady? sings! P.H.A.T. = Pretty, Hot And Tempting. Rose Polycarbonate, Arkansas style single-reed. Polished band.
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This Duck Commander lanyard allows you to put calls where they are most convenient. It features two swivels that are complimented by a double loop drop and a neoprene upper which allows the calls to sit comfortably around your neck.
Faulks Champion Duck Call
Select Zebrawood or other fancy wood and walnut. A call anyone can blow. Excellent for mallards and large ducks.
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$16.49 - $31.99
The Traffic Jam Plastic Grunt Call Has The Capabilities Of Producing Mature Buck Grunts, Young Buck Grunts, Doe Grunts, Estrous Bleats And Fawn Bleats By Simply Adjusting The Internal O-Ring. Bring In The Buck Of A Lifetime With The Traffic Jam Plastic Grunt Call.
Faulks Flute Goose Call
Made of rallentando tuned and very easy to blow. Tested and proven to be successful in calling the Canada goose. Double lanyard attached.
Flextone Green Thunder Double Reed
This is where the flexibility of our breakthrough design really comes through. By squeezing, bending, and releasing this duck call's soft body you can produce a full range of vocalizations. Mix up the sequences to achieve the flying squeal, the water whine or any sound in between.
Flextone Green Thunder Single Reed
Flextone technology in the barrel and bell gives this call the most natural sound available by more accurately mimicking the soft flexible tissue of a ducks neck and tongue. The single reed tone board will do anything from loud hail calls to soft nasally finesse calls.
Primos Shaved Reed® Snow Goose Call
The snow goose voice is a challenge to reproduce accurately. To achieve the highs, lows and growls of snow geese, we developed the technology to shave a reed precisely to a certain thickness. The reed is actually shaved in a tapered fashion. This produces a reed with a thicker middle for backbone, and a thinner tip for sensitivity and accuracy in sound. The Shaved Reed® Snow takes much less air to blow than other snow calls, with tremendous volume, and overwhelming realism. The accuracy of the sound of the Shaved Reed® Snow call will make a difference on your next hunt. Missile-shaped reed shaved from 9/1000? to 14/1000? thick.
Flextone Team Realtree Canada Goose
The flextone® Team Realtree Canada Goose call features our innovative design which makes it easy to master a full range of natural sounding goose calls. The flexible bell means improved control of tone, volume and back pressure, allowing the user to produce the sounds of multiple geese and double cluck with ease.
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Made of polycarbonate materials that allows for a long range volume as well as a finishing touch.Designed to emulate the high pitch sound of the wood duck.This call is very easy to blow and requires very little air pressure for maximum call control.
Flextone Team Realtree Double Reed Mallard
This call features flextone® technology in the exhaust bell to give you the most natural sound possible. The soft flexible end more accurately mimics the soft flexible tissue of a ducks neck and tongue to produce true duck sounds every time. The double reed tone board makes this call easy to use and versatile. flextone® technology makes it ducky on the low end and the hard polycarb barrel gives it enough volume to call ducks anywhere. Covered in Realtree's Max-4 camo.
Flextone Team Realtree Single Reed Mallard
When a call sounds this good you better camouflage it. This call redefines "in your face" duck hunting. The soft, flexible exhaust bell more accurately mimics the soft flexible tissue of a ducks neck and tongue and the single reed tone board will do anything from soft wheezy finesse calls to loud hail calls. The hard poly barrel is covered in Realtree's Max-4.
Primos Canada Goose Flute Call
Flute calls typically take a little time to master. Primos® Flex-End makes mastering the Canada Goose Flute easy. In the past, reproducing the basic honk of the Canada goose took manipulating your hands to break the calls honk from a low tone to a high note. Now the Flex-End does it all for you and you can reproduce theCanada's language with ease. Patented Reed System allows you to take the call apart and reassemble with perfect retuning every time.
Faulks Adjustable Duck Call
Preset for the popular mallard tone, but now fully adjustable to produce higher pitch with exclusive adjustment ring. Simple to operate with instructions.
Faulks Honker Goose Call
Walnut barrels. A call anyone can blow. Perfect for Canadian geese anywhere.
Duck Commander Ole Raspy Duck Call
A great call for hunters who like a raspy sound. Old Raspy has been researched, developed, tuned, and tested to be the raspiest duck call on the market.
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